The fallout from yesterday TG4 All Ireland SFC Final between Dublin and Cork continued today in the media. The monicker ‘Carla Gate’ was the buzz word of the day.

Ladies football normally struggles for column inches in the press but not so today, but unfortunately the coverage it did receive was not of a complimentary nature. Also not helped by the tone of language used by the Cork manager who really should learn the old adage, “Be humble in victory and gracious in defeat.”

There has been lots of advice to the Dublin Ladies Football County Board to launch an appeal to yesterday’s result. But earlier today the DLGFA county board released a statement which puts an end to thoughts of an appeal lodged.

Official Statement on behalf of the Dublin LGFA

Dublin Players, Management and Executive congratulate Cork on winning the 2016 Senior All-Ireland final.

We wish it to be noted that we are very disappointed that the score error could not be rectified on the field of play and we will focus our efforts to require that LGFA put processes in place so that no other team is subjected to such a situation.

Dublin LGFA will be making no further comment on this issue.