The new Gaa season is just around the corner and that normally means a new rule or regulation. On the 1st of January 2017 it will be a mandatory requirement for all Adult ladies football players to wear a mouthguard.

This is not a new requirement in Ladies Football as up to now it has been a mandatory requirement for all players up to and including minors to wear mouthguards, but from January 1st 2017 the Mouthguard rule has been extended also to the adult grades.

Although for some players it will take a little time to get use to wearing a mouthguard, there will be no excuses for not wearing one or forgetting it in the gear bag as players not wearing a Mouthguard will be removed from the field of play by the referee and can only return to the field of play when the situation is rectified.

Another important thing to remember is players who suffer dental or mouth injuries during a training session or game will not be covered by the LGFA injury fund if they are not wearing a Mouthguard.