Sadly the curtain came down in controversial circumstances in Croke Park last weekend for the Dublin Senior Ladies Footballers as they were denied at least a replay, a perfectly legitimate point was scored by Carla Rowe but it was scandalously waved wide and as a result Cork were gifted the All Ireland title.

With no avenue available to the Dublin Ladies Football County Board to appeal for a replay and see the completely avoidable injustice rectified, they have had to just accept the outcome and close the book on it.

The LGFA have many questions to answer for this debacle and having spoken about level playing fields, fairness, serious support, they owe the Dublin Senior Ladies Footballers answers to why they were denied fairness, serious support, justice and the same level playing field to win an All Ireland title as their opponents and why they decided to tempt faith by not using the technology that’s was available to prevent game deciding mistakes being made. Their excuse of not using it because it’s not used in provincial grounds just doesn’t wash.

Those answer won’t change the result but it’s the very least they owe the Dublin players who deserved so much more than to be let down by their association particularly on the biggest day of the year.

Just like the Dublin County Board this will be the last time We Are Dublin GAA will be commenting about the matter. All that is left for us to say is a big thank to all involved in Dublin Ladies Football for all their help this year, particularly Patricia Monaghan who we can’t thank enough.

It was as always a great honour and pleasure for us here at We Are Dublin GAA to have the opportunity to be involved with and follow every step of Gregory McGonigle’s Dublin Senior Ladies Football Squad.

From the biblical downpour in Mayo in February, to the winning of their fifth Leinster title in a row, to the dramatic one point semi final victory over Mayo and on to the All Ireland Final it’s been one hell of a journey that was unbelievable to follow and report on.

And finally a big thank you to the players you have all been incredible this year and are an absolute credit to the county, your family’s, your friends, your clubs, but most of all yourselves.

You have represented all of the above with class and distinction as always and are an inspiration and exceptional role models to many people in the county and it’s always for us here a delightful experience in all our interactions with you all through each season and thank you for your always welcoming and friendly nature and generosity with your much sought after time for any requests we have for interviews.

Ladies you deserved so much more for all your sacrifice and effort this season than what occurred last Sunday, but knowing you like we do, you will come back even stronger and more determined than ever and we here at We Are Dublin GAA look forward to supporting you every step of the way on your 2017 journey. #COYGIB