Two Ladies one in a white jacket with black stripes and other in plain white jacket holding the Ladies Gaelic Football Association stratgegic roadmap booklet
Image Credit: Sportsfile

THE Ladies Gaelic Football Association has revealed details of its Strategic Roadmap 2017-2022.

The content of the document will map out the future of Ladies Gaelic Football up to 2022.

The newly-unveiled strategic plan aims to drive focus in five key areas:

1. Volunteers

2. Visibility

3. Participation

4. Partnerships

5. Infrastructure

Details of the plan were announced at the LGFA’s 2018 Annual Congress at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Dundalk.

The LGFA’s new Strategic Roadmap is available to view at the following link:

LGFA President Marie Hickey commented: “The publication of this plan is the culmination of an exhaustive consultation with stakeholders of the LGFA, which has left no stone unturned as opinions and thoughts of our members, players, administrators and supporters have been catalogued to ensure that this plan is as inclusive as possible.

“The period governed by our previous plan, 2011-2016, was one of exciting and tumultuous growth and I am sure that we have similarly exciting times ahead.”

LGFA CEO Helen O’Rourke added: We are delighted to launch our new ‘Ladies Gaelic Football Association Strategic Roadmap 2017-2022’, which will act as a guide for the LGFA into the next decade.

“We are about to embark upon an exciting new period in the growth and development of our sport and, should we repeat the success enjoyed in the last decade, we have much to look forward to.

Our partners in the production of our new plan, Pinta Consultants, have left no stone unturned in its development.”