Dublin LGFA would welcome nominations from clubs for players to attend trials for the 2017 Dublin U14 panel.

Clubs are requested to deliberate carefully when submitting forward nominations for the trial process.

Dublin LGFA would like clubs to strongly reflect on the attributes of the player or players who they are sending forward for consideration.

Over 200+ players where presented for trials in 2016 with only 31 girls chosen to represent Dublin on the U14 panel.

Dublin LGFA are appealing to clubs to only send forward players for trials who possess the attributes, commitment and dedication required to make an Inter County panel.

Your club mentors knowledge of your players should be used judiciously to only send forward for trials a player or players who they deem to have a reasonable chance of being in the final 30-35 of the whole County.

Nominating a player who is not accurately near the standard to make the final panel will only prove to be very disheartening and discouraging for the young girl in question. Dublin LGFA is appealing to your mentors not to view Dublin U16 trials as a mechanism to “reward” players.

To be eligible to be considered for the Dublin U14 panel of 2017 players must be registered members of a club and be under 14 years of age on the 1st of January 2017 (born 2003/2004).

Nominations will only be accepted from club secretaries or nominated point of contact, deadline for submissions is Wednesday November 9th by 5pm (close of business) this deadline will be strictly adhered too.

A nomination form has been circulated to club Secretaries these can be returned by emailed to info@dublinladiesgaelic.ie or posted to Dublin LGFA Office, Le Cheile, Donnycarney, Dublin 5

(Email issued to all club Secretaries 02.11.16)