Dublin forward Siobhan Killeen speaks about her Covid-19 recovery


Dublin forward Siobhan Killeen has made a full recovery from Covid-19 and returned to work as a radiographer

The daily updates on new cases and deaths due to Covid-19 make for sombre reading, so its a welcome change to read about someone who has recovered from the virus.

A number of weeks ago Dublin forward Siobhan Killeen got the bad news that she had tested positive for the virus.

Siobhan works in the Mater Hospital as a radiographer and as a healthcare worker she was, like all frontline workers more exposed to the virus.

The former Republic of Ireland soccer star was working and training on her own and felt fine before taking a sudden turn for the worse.

Killeen was sitting at home on a Sunday evening watching TV and suddenly felt extremely hot and developed a headache.

That night she couldn’t sleep with a severe pain in her legs and back and rang in sick to work on the Monday.

Because of the nature of her profession Siobhan had a swab test on the Monday to determine if she had contracted the virus so contact tracing could begin as soon as possible.

Unfortunately Siobhan was diagnosed with the coronavirus and immediately went into self isolation.

Thankfully she has recovered and is back at work.

Today Siobhan spoke to the commercial and communications manager of the LGFA Jackie Cahill via Zoom about her experience.

Strange sense of guilt

In the candid interview Siobhan spoke about her reaction and feelings to getting the positive diagnosis.

She expressed a strange sense of guilt, not about the virus itself, but the thought that she could be a serious risk to people she had been in contact with, particularly those that were vulnerable.

Siobhan spoke about her two weeks in self isolation spent in her bedroom and how she set up a routine to break up the days when she was feeling well enough.

During the interview Siobhan explained how some people expressed shock upon hearing of her positive test.

Siobhan’s diagnosis came early on in the outbreak and it was an eye opener for the public.

Here was a young, fit athlete who had contracted the virus, Covid-19 wasn’t just a virus that the old and the vulnerable were susceptible to catching, anybody could and the advice of social distancing and staying at home was equally important for the protection of every citizen, young and old.

The full interview between Siobhan and Jackie can be viewed in the video above.