Aherne: “If You Look To Far Ahead You Set Yourself Up For A Fall.”


Dublin Captain Sinead Aherne believes that herself and her fellow forwards will have to be patient against Cork and work the openings when they appear.

It will be about Dublin winning the key areas today, but Sinead is also fully aware that Cork have also got the forwards that can do damage and it will come down to how the defence and opposition stack up against each other.

Speaking about the players routine on All Ireland Final day Aherne said the players were lucky enough to be based in Dublin so herself and her teammates can just do their own thing on the morning of the game.

Also this season a number of  Dublin’s championship games have had evening starts so the throw-in time of 4pm for today’s final is pretty routine for the players now.


Does Dublin Captain Sinead Aherne Have Any Pre-game Superstitions?


Is Dublin Captain Sinead Aherne superstitious? No not really, well except for making sure she puts on her left boot before her right one.

There are extra pressures as a Captain of a county team but for Sinead they have just become part of her routine and her main focus is to make sure she plays well on any given day.

Sinead and her Dublin teammates have the chance to make a piece of history tomorrow and become the first ladies football side from the Capital to win back to back titles.

But for Dublin Captain Sinead Aherne and her squad that doesn’t come into it and it’s all about taking each game as it comes.

Sinead went on to say that Dublin prepare for each game as a one off and if you look too far ahead, you just set yourself up for a fall.