Dublin Boss Bohan: “When You Win A Prize You Park It.”


At a media event this week in Croke Park Dublin Boss Mick Bohan gave his thoughts on today’s All Ireland and reflected on the bond between his players.

Bohan spoke about the bond between the players that people often don’t see, because not only are they a team representing their county, but they are great friends and that bond beyond football is unquantifiable.

When asked if it was different preparing for today’s final as reigning All Ireland Champions Bohan didn’t thinks so.

“I’ve said this a few times, when you win a prize you park it and the gap between winning it and the start of the national league which became a completely new focus for us and helped us and the fact that we had never been successful in the national league that gave us a complete distraction.”

The Dublin boss hasn’t faced Cork in the championship before and although there’s been a lot of focus in the lead up to the game in the media regarding the history between the sides and in particular Corks dominance in recent championship clashes, Bohan is of the opinion that it’s not a name or colour of a team that beats you.


Bohan: “It’s Not The Colour Or The Name Of A Team That Beats You.”


“We would be very much of the opinion with any team we are involved with that it’s not a colour of a team or a name of a team that beats you, it’s if your not good enough you don’t win.”

“And if your not good enough you have to look at the things you weren’t doing correctly, so we would have looked at those one way or the other regardless who they were coming up against and that was part of the preparation last year and it hasn’t really changed this year.”

The run up to an All Ireland Final can be taxing on both the players and the management teams, some people enjoy all that entails but Dublin boss Bohan is not one of them.

“No enjoyment this week, not a solitary minute of enjoyment, I look forward to the game, when the game starts it’s a completely different thing, you actually feel the minute that whistle is blown, you actually feel relaxed.”

“All the other stuff, the periphery stuff which has to been done because it’s our job to take the weight of all this stuff away from the players but I absolutely hate it until the day comes.”