2019 TG4 All Ireland Ladies Senior Championship Groupings Explained


Here’s How The 2019 TG4 All Ireland Ladies Senior Football Championship Will Work

Dublin Captain Sinead Aherne lifting the Brendan Martin Cup as the groupings are explained for the 2019 TG4 All Ireland Senior Ladies Football Championship

There are 12 teams still in the hunt for the 2019 TG4 All Ireland ladies senior football championship title and the groupings will be finalised on Sunday week.

The next two weekends will conclude the Provincial stage of the championship with the Connaught final between Mayo and Galway taking place this weekend and the Leinster Final between Dublin and Westmeath and Ulster Final between Donegal and Armagh taking place the following Sunday.

The All Ireland series will consist of four groups each containing three teams with the top two in each group advancing to the quarter finals.

The Munster Final took place last weekend with Cork beating Waterford. Cork are in Group 1 along with Cavan and will be joined by the Ulster championship runners up which will either by Armagh or Donegal.

Group 2 will consist of the Leinster Final winners, either Dublin or Westmeath, with Monaghan and Waterford the other two teams in the group.

Group 3 will include the Connaught final winners either Mayo or Galway, Kerry and the Leinster runners-up either Dublin or Westmeath.

And finally Group 4 will comprise the Ulster champions either Armagh or Donegal, the Connaught runners-up either Mayo or Galway and Tyrone.

Once the group games are completed the top two progress to the quarter finals which are predetermined as follows.

Quarter-Final 1: 1st Group 1 v 2nd Group 4

Quarter-Final 2: 1st Group 2 v 2nd Group 3

Quarter-Final 3: 1st Group 3 v 2nd Group 2

Quarter-Final 4: 1st Group 4 v 2nd Group 1

The 2019 All Ireland Ladies Senior Semi Finals then will be as follows

Semi Final 1: Winners of Quarter Final 1 v Winners of Quarter Final 2

Semi Final 2: Winners of Quarter Final 3 v Winners of Quarter Final 4.

Then it will be down to the final two to battle it out for the Brendan Martin Cup in Croke Park in the 2019 TG4 All Ireland Ladies Senior Championship Final on the 15th of September.