Mattie Kenny’s side saw their lead taken from them at the end of a pulsating competition with Wexford

Wexford snatch victory from Dublin

Dublin 0-18
Wexford 2-14

In a hurling game filled with cards issued by whistle happy referee Johnny Murphy, it was the 13 men of Wexford who left GAA HQ with the points. A straight red for Conor McDonald and a set of double yellow cards handed to Shaun Murphy and Eoghan O’Donnell saw both sides depleted by full time. But it was Davy Fitzgeralds men who came from four points down to snatch the win.

Ronan Hayes looked to have secured the win for Dublin in additional time. But a late goal from Jack O’Connor and two scores from Paul Morris saw Wexford over the line.

If this was a dress rehearsal for their Championship encounter in the summer, then both sides really felt each other out and tested their characters. The opening half saw the sides cancel each other out score for score. And of the sixteen scores registered , just seven of those came from open play.

Ronan Hayes, Oisin O’Rorke, Paul Ryan, Lee Chin and Paul Morris were all given dead ball opportunities and all raised their share of white flags.

Trailing 0-06 to 0-04 on 31 minutes Wexford were awarded a penalty after Aidan Rochford was fouled by James Madden. And keeper Mark Fanning made no mistake with the delivery. Morris added another point to push out their lead but that would be it for the half as Dublin took over. Rian McBride (2), Donal Burke and Ryan gave Dublin a 0-10 to 1-05 at the break.

A stalemate continued but Wexford fired the last shots

Both sides started where they’d left off with Dublin outscoring Wexford by 0-04 to 0-03 until the game started to fall into disarray. Substitute Conor McDonald was only around 5 minutes on the pitch when he connected with Paddy Smyth and was shown a straight red card with 15 minutes remaining.

Dublin had introduced Eamonn Dillon just before the red card and with Wexford now down to 14, it gave Dublin some room to move more freely. Dillon won a couple of frees, and scored the point of the game deep along the Hogan Stand sideline.

Wexford were then reduced to 13 when Shaun Murphy was shown a second yellow, and things looked bleak for the visitors. But then having been to deemed to have pushed Jack O’Connor over the advertising hoarding, Eoghan O’Donnell was shown a second yellow.

With 72 minutes on the clock Hayes split the posts, with Dublin looking like they’d hold onto the lead. But O’Connor found a chink in their armour firing the ball low and past Sean Brennan into the net. Cian Boland missed a sitter at the other end that would surely have given Dublin the win.

But it was Morris sealed the win for Wexford with two late scores.

Dublin Scorers:

Paul Ryan 0-08 (8f)
Ronan Hayes 0-02 (1f)
Rian McBride 0-02
Oisin O’Rorke 0-01 (1f)
Chris Crummey 0-01
Donal Burke 0-01
James Madden 0-01
Eamonn Dillon 0-01
Cian Boland 0-01

Wexford Scorers:

Paul Morris 0-07 (3f, 1 ’65)
Rory O’Connor 0-04 (1f)
Mark Fanning 1-00 (1-00 pen)
Jack O’Connor 1-00
Lee Chin 0-01 (1f)
Diarmuid O’Keeffe 0-01
Paudie Foley 0-01


1. Seán Brennan
2. Paddy Smyth
3. Eoghan O’Donnell
4. James Madden
5. Cian O’Callaghan
6. Daire Gray Whitehall
7. Seán Moran
8. Chris Crummey
9. Jake Malone
10. Donal Burke
11. Rian McBride
25. Danny Sutcilffe
13. Oisín O’Rorke
14. Ronan Hayes
15. David Keogh

Dublin Substitutes:

20. Paul Ryan for O’Rorke (14)
21. Cian Boland for Sutcliffe (43)
25. Eamonn Dillon for Keogh (52)
17. Andrew Dunphy for O’Callaghan (57)
18. Tomas Connolly for Madden (62)


1. Mark Fanning
2. Conor Firman
3. Liam Ryan
4. Joe O’Connor
5. Damien Reck
19. Matthew Holden
7. Shaun Murphy
8. Kevin Foley
9. Diarmuid O’Keeffe
10. Aidan Rochford
11. Aidan Nolan
22. Lee Chin
13. Paul Morris
14. Michael Dwyer
15. Rory O’Connor

Wexford Substitutes:

6. Paudie Foley for Kevin Foley (blood sub, 30 – HT)
20. Liam Og McGovern for Rochford (HT)
6. Paudie Foley for O’Hanlon (HT)
12. Jack O’Connor for Chin (47)
21. Conor McDonald for Dwyer (48)
26. Cathal Dunbar for Nolan (69)