It wasn’t to be for the Dublin U20 hurlers last night despite a hugely competitive contest

Dublin U20 Hurlers - Quarter Final loss to Offaly in Leinster

Dublin 2-25
Offaly 1-29
(after Extra Time)

An early exit for Dublin’s U20 Hurlers in this first ever Leinster Hurling Championship at this age bracket. But it took extra time to finally seperate them from Offaly who snatched the victory at the death as a John Murphy free converted from around the halfway line was all the faithful needed.

In a tough physical battle in Parnell Park, Dublin had clawed their way back from a seven point deficit to force the additional play time.

Offaly’s Cathal Kiely lead his side throughout with a fantastic personal tally of 0-20, putting them seven clear approaching the break in extra time. That seven score lead was rooted in the ninth minute when Conor Quinn raised a green flag for his side.

But Dublin’s Cian Derwin registered a brace of scores either side of the break to close the gap. Substitute Matthew Dunne hit the net with a bullet. Another two scores from Derwin gave Dublin a glimmer of hope but Murphy had the last say for Offaly.

From the outset there wasn’t much to pull the sides apart, maybe perhaps Offaly’s slightly more physical style. The faithful had edged 0-04 to 0-3 in front when Dublin registered their first goal in the 11th minute. Diarmuid O’Floinn had the first attempt stopped by Offaly keeper Eamonn Cleary. But the ball found its way to Sean Currie who picked out Billy Ryan to send the ball low into the net.

A bright spell sees Dublin lead by five scores

Dublin went onto enjoy a five minute period from the 15th, with Derwin (3), Iain O’hEithir and Kevin Burke all finding their range. And that brought them a healthy 1-09 to 0-07 lead. Had it not been for the accuracy of Kiely, this game could have been quite different. The Offaly dead ball specialist pounced on every Dublin error to close the gap by 1-11 to 0-12 at the break.

Things continued tight in the second session but Dublin lost Davy Keogh to a red card in the 48th minute. They weathered the decision well and with eight minutes of normal time remaining they were still 1-18 to 0-18 in front.

Offaly, lead of course by Kiely had the stronger finish. They clawed back the three score deficit and Kiely had them in front four minutes into additional time. Derwin again stepped up when needed to square the game and send it to extra time.

Dublin Scorers:

Cian Derwin 0-15 (12f)
Billy Ryan 1-02
Matthew Dunne 1-00
Kevin Desmond 0-02
Michael Conroy 0-01
Kevin Burke 0-01
Iain O’hEithir 0-01
Diarmuid O’Floinn 0-01
Luke McDwyer 0-01
Liam Murphy 0-01

Offaly Scorers:

Cathal Kiely 0-20 (16f, 2 ’65’)
Conor Langton 0-04
Conor Quinn 1-00
John Murphy 0-02 (1f)
Ryan Hogan 0-01
Killian Sampson 0-01
David Nally 0-01


1. Conor O’Donoghue
2. Andrew Dunphy
3. Tommy Kinnane
4. Jack Fagan
7. Iain Ó hEithir
6. Lee Gannon
5. Kevin Burke
8. Michael Conroy
9. Davy Keogh
10. Diarmuid Ó Floinn
11. Luke McDwyer
12. Cian Derwin
13. Billy Ryan
14. Sean Currie
15. Kevin Desmond

Dublin Substitutions:

17. Eoin Carney for Fagan (HT)
20. Pearse Christie for Conroy (42)
21. Liam Murphy for Desmond (53)
19. Alex O’Neill for Ó hEithir (58)
22. Matthew Dunne for Currie (62)
18. Ciaran Hogan for McDwyer (69)
24. James O’Connell for Ryan (78)


1. Eamonn Cleary
6. Conor Butler
2. Dara Maher
5. Ciaran Burke
4. Ryan Hogan
3. Ross Ravenhill
7. Killian Sampson
15. Joey Keeneghan
9. David Nally
13. Barry Duignan
11. Barry Kealey
8. Cathal Kiely
10. John Murphy
14. Cillian Ryan
12. Conor Langton

Offaly Substitutions:

19. Conor Quinn for Ryan (52)
20. Lochlann Kavanagh for Nally (74)
17. Sean Beatty for Sampson (78)
21. Cathal Brady for Duignan (80)