O Callaghan In Favour Of Hurling Championship Knockout


Former Dublin hurler David O Callaghan likes the idea of a return to the old knockout championship even if only temporary

David O'Callaghan

Everyone is hoping to soon hear the format and timeline of this year’s much changed Championship. The GAA had originally planned the announcement in August. But with the country speeding up the exit from the current COVID-19 lockdown, details of the Championship will come sooner.

One expected announcement is a temporary return to the full knockout competition in the Leinster Hurling Championship. In recent years the competition took a round robin format. But with time limited in 2020, the competition should return to the old format.

David O Callaghan retired from inter county hurling back in 2017 so never experienced to new format in Leinster. But Dotsy reckons the return of the old format might just be the incentive needed by his former Dublin colleagues.

“If I was a player, I think that would be appealing, the way things have obviously worked out for the year” O Callaghan admits.

“Lads will be able to enjoy playing with their club, build up a bit of momentum.”

“At the end of the day, it’s not like the lads will have been doing four or five months (of training) and the argument is, ‘Jesus, they’re only getting a game and they’re gone.’

From Club To Inter County, the quick turnaround.

With club matters taking precedent, the turnaround between the club championships and the Inter County competitions will be quick. But the club action will be the prefect opportunity for players to get back up to the level if they are in the elite.

“I know maybe they’re with the county in the background – but obviously they’ll be predominantly with the club, and lads will enjoy getting back hurling and then you’re leading into your county.”

“It will be a short enough few weeks together, which they can enjoy.”

Back in 2013, O’Callaghan was part of Anthony Daly’s famous charges who went five consecutive weeks non stop to capture the Leinster Senior Hurling title for Dublin. Replays against Wexford and Kilkenny saw Dublin advance to a mouth watering decider with Galway. And a game that Dublin showed unbelievable determination to win.

Under Mattie Kenny, Dotsy believes those days can return in the not too distant future.

“They wouldn’t have had a great league campaign but, sure, no one would know anyone’s form coming into it.”

“I think the quality is there – if they can get that out and produce on the day.”