Former Dublin hurler Michael Carton shares his experiences after being diagnosed with COVID-19

Michael Carton
Michael Carton spoke to Ireland AM by telephone from the Mater Hospital

There’s absolutely no escaping COVID-19 as it continues to take hold in the country. Many Dublin stars on the front line in our emergency services have taken to social media. Noelle Healy, Jack McCaffrey and Lyndsey Davey have all sent their message out to supporters. Guiding them on the importance of self isolating and social distancing. And of course intense hygiene, in a bid to slow down the effects of the virus.

But another Dublin Star, former inter county hurler Michael Carton recently delivered another message of a different perspective. Speaking from the Mater Hospital by phone on Ireland AM, Michael explained his story after self isolating for four days.

“I initially showed up with a headache, I had chills, I had a temperature and growing pains, sore legs and arms.” Carton explained.

“A cough wasn’t an issue for me so when I got tested I wasn’t sure if I would be positive or not. I was in self-isolation for three days and then I got tested and within 24 hours I tested positive.”

“I didn’t come across any cases so I could have caught it anywhere, I have no idea where I came across it.”

People should really take personal responsibility

Michael didn’t present with a cough, an apparently common symptom. But it was later discovered that he indeed had a lung infection. But he’s glad that he went to hospital to be sure.

“Look, I’m a paramedic so I knew the drill. I have a wife and two kids at home. But if I’m isolating in here I can’t give it to members of the public or my family.”

“The scary thing is I have no underlying medical conditions and I’m finding it hard to shake.”

Like so many public figures over the last number of days, Michael can’t stress enough the importance of taking ownership of the virus. And following the measures given by the authorities.

“It’s really important to self distance out there. Because if someone does have an underlying condition I can only imagine how hard it would be to beat this virus.”

“People should really take personal responsibility so they aren’t bringing it home to grandparents or any family members or the community.”

“Its a little frustrating but I understand completely, I’m going to be here for the foreseeable future.”