Dublin And Galway’s Last Leinster Championship Encounter Was A Thriller


Dublin clawed their way back from 0-07 down to make an entertaining second half in the Leinster final round

Leinster Championship 2018 - Galway v Dublin

Leinster Senior Hurling Championship 2018

Galway 0-26
Dublin 2-19

For Dublin fans, last year’s Leinster Championship was a delight to witness, despite results not exactly going the way of Pat Gilroy and his panel. The shackles of previous years were well and truly thrown off as Dublin showed the skill, heart and desire to compete in the Championship.

The only thing that was missing were the big results against Kilkenny, Wexford and of course Galway. With only a point or two separating each loss, the hurling was definitely more heartwarming.

Galway maintain 100% Leinster Record in Final round robin game

On June 9th, Galway showed why they were reigning All Ireland Hurling Champions at the time in Salthill. The fought all the way against a spirited Dublin performance. Two goals from sub Paul Winters had given Dublin the lead six minuted from full time, but David Burke and Jason Flynn got the Tribesmen over the line, keeping hold of their top spot in the Leinster Round Robin competition.

There wasn’t much expected from this game as the result was of no consequence to either side. Galway’s place in the Leinster Final was already secured, and Dublin had maintained their provincial status with a recent win over Offaly.

The first half was quite low key with Galway working their way to a seven point lead. Joseph Cooney opened their account with Paul Ryan opening Dublin’s. Sean Loftus and Conor Whelan added to give Galway a 0-03 to 0-01 lead by the sixth.

Dublin kept in touch with scores from Paul Ryan and Rian McBride, but Galway hit four without reply in a five minute spell to take hold of the game again.

The Dubs managed to close the gap to three points with scores from Ryan and Danny Sutcliffe, and they could have closed it more had Ryan not missed the target on a couple of frees. Galway capitalised on these errors with four more of their own to take the score to 0-16 to 0-09 at the break.

Leinster Championship 2018 - Galway v Dublin

A refreshed Dublin emerge from the dressing room

With a crown of just under 10,000 in Pearse Stadium expecting more of the same in the second half, Dublin came out all guns blazing. A sideline cut from Rian McBride and a Cian Boland score got things moving, and when Galway keeper James Skehill failed to control a long ball, Paul Winters pounced to squeeze the ball over the line to get Dublin within 0-03 of the home side.

Jason Flynn responded to this goal with a converted free to steady the ship, but Dublin were not finished yet. Jake Malone sent in a huge long ball into some space, Winters was on hand again and made no mistake burying the ball into the roof of the Galway net.

Alan Nolan came out of goal to convert two long range frees to give Dublin control of the game but Jason Flynn continued to chip away turning the game back in Galway’s favour.

David Treacy and Rian McBride decided they weren’t quite finished, but two late scores from David Burke and Flynn saw Galway over the line to snatch the victory.

Scorers for Galway:

Jason Flynn 0-11 (9f)
Joseph Cooney 0-03
Conor Whelan 0-03
Padraig Mannion 0-03
Conor Cooney 0-02
David Burke 0-02
Sean Loftus 0-01
Cathal Mannion 0-01

Scorers for Dublin:

Paul Winters 2-01
David Treacy 0-04 (3f)
Rian McBride 0-04 (1 sl)
Paul Ryan 0-03 (3f)
Alan Nolan 0-02 (2f)
Danny Sutcliffe 0-01
Jake Malone 0-01
Sean Moran 0-01
James Madden 0-01
Cian Boland 0-01


1. James Skehill
2. Paul Killeen
3. Daithi Burke
4. Aidan Harte
5. Padraig Mannion
6. Gearoid McInerney
7. John Hanbury
8. Sean Loftus
9. David Burke
10. Joseph Cooney
11. Niall Burke
12. Cathal Mannion
13. Conor Whelan
14. Conor Cooney
15. Jason Flynn

Galway Substitutions:

23. Eanna Burke for Loftus (43),
18. Shane Cooney for Killeen (50)
26. Davy Glennon for C Cooney (68)
21. Padraig Brehony for J Cooney (73)


1. Alan Nolan
2. Paddy Smyth
3. Cian O’Callaghan
4. Eoghan O’Donnell
5. Shane Barrett
6. Sean Moran
7. Chris Crummey
8. Ryan McBride
9. Tomas Connolly
10. Jake Malone
11. Fiontan McGibb
12. Cian Boland
13. David Treacy
14. Danny Sutcliffe
15. Paul Ryan

Dublin Substitutions:

23. Eamonn Dillon for Connolly (35)
25. Paul Winters for Ryan (35)
24. Cian McBride for Boland (47)
19. James Madden for McGibb (65)
21. John McCaffrey for McBride (73)