A perfect start to Mattie Kenny’s first National League Campaign


League Campaign - Dublin Hurlers

Dublin 3-15
Carlow 0-18

Parnell Park.

Goals win games. And Darragh O’Connell, Eamonn Dillon and Donal Burke delivered three for Dublin last night to earn themselves their first hurling league victory of the season. And it’s the second time they’ve beaten Carlow in recent months, having taken a win over the Barrowsiders in the Walsh Cup back in December.

Dublin trailed at the break but the introduction of Burke paid a crucial part in their comeback as they registered 2-09 to Carlow 0-07 in the second half, with green flags from Dillon and Burke putting the sheen on the win. And it puts them in a good position before heading to O’Connor Park next Sunday.

Carlow to their credit pushed the Dubs all the way, but the strength of the bench proved most valuable with the likes of Burke, Danny Sutcliffe, Tomas Connolly and Oisin O’Rorke all contributing to an immense second ’35.

Marty Kavanagh was in excellent form for the visitors, scoring 0-12 of Carlow 0-18 on the night, eight of this coming in the first half, with Ted Joyce and Seamus Murphy also finding their range. And despite a fourth minute goal from Darragh O’Connell, Carlow were the leaders at the half time whistle.

Dublin return refreshed

Fiontan McGibb and Donal Burke both got early scores to level the game. John Hetherton put in yet another good shift for the Dubs setting up Eamonn Dillon in the 40th minute to get Dublin’s second goal of the night. And he followed it up two minutes later with a cracker of a score to give Dublin a four point cushion.

Carlow pushed on but could only get within two scores of Dublin for the rest of the game. And once Burke sank Dublin’s third goal in the 63rd minute there would be no comeback on the cards for the visitors.

An Oisin O’Rorke converted free before the 2 minutes added time was the last score of the game, with Mattie Kenny’s panel completing their first league tie successfully.

Scorers for Dublin:

Donal Burke 1-04
Eamonn Dillon 1-01
John Hetherton 0-04 (3f)
Darragh O’Connell 1-00
Fiontan McGibb 0-02
Oisin O’Rorke 0-01 (1f)
Feargal Whitely 0-01
Tomas Connolly 0-01
Paddy Smyth 0-01

Scorers for Carlow:

Marty Kavanagh 0-12 (9f)
Ted Joyce 0-02
Chris Nolan 0-02
James Doyle 0-01
Seamus Murphy 0-01


1. Alan Nolan
2. Paddy Smyth
3. Eoghan O’Donnell
4. James Madden
5. Chris Crummey
6. Sean Moran
7. Shane Barrett
8. Jake Malone
9. Darragh O’Connell
10. Fergal Whitely
11. John Hetherton
12. Riain McBride
19. Fiontan McGibb
14. Liam Rushe
15. Eamon Dillon

Dublin Subs:

17. Tomas Connolly for James Madden (9)
13. Donal Burke for Fergal Whitely (HT)
21. Danny Sutcliffe for Liam Rushe (48)
25. Davy Keogh for Jake Malone (60)
23. Oisin O’Rorke for Fiontan McGibb (67)


1. Brian Tracey
2. Alan Corcoran
3. Paul Doyle
4. Michael Doyle
5. Eoin Nolan
6. David English
7. Richard Coady
8. Jack Kavanagh
9. Sean Whelan
10. John Michael Nolan
11. Martin Kavanagh
12. Seamus Murphy
13. Ted Joyce
14. Edward Byrne
15. Chris Nolan

Carlow Subs:

23. James Doyle for Seamus Murphy (43)
24. Jon Nolan for Ted Joyce (49)
25. Richard Kelly for Eoin Nolan (57)
22. Jack Murphy for Edward Byrne (62)
21. Ger Coady for Michael Doyle (62)

Referee: Alan Kelly (Galway).