Dublin Battle Hard Once Again But Fall Short Of Wexford


Wexford 0-22
Dublin 2-14
Innovate Wexford Park

The word heartbreak can’t be used too much, and despite a fight back from Pat Gilroy’s panel late in the second half of this Leinster Senior Hurling Championship Round 2 fixture Wexford prevailed by 0-02 to pick up the vital points in the Round Robin competition.

The Slaneysiders were on the money for the majority of the game, but a 61st minute Paul Ryan goal injected into Dublin what we’d witnessed against Kilkenny last week as they enjoyed a short spell, enough for Liam Rushe and Danny Sutcliffe to put the Dubs in front as 3 minutes of additional time were announced. But Rory O’Connor, who lead Wexford’s charge did enough to take the game away from Dublin and seal their defeat.

Paul Ryan got Dublin’s account open with a couple early frees and by three minutes they were 0-02 to 0-01 up. O’Connor converted three frees and with a Paul Morris score Wexford were ahead 0-05 to 0-02. That was before Rian McBride would get onto the end of a Wexford clearance finishing off Paul Ryan’s original attempt to raise the green flag and the sides were level.

Two more scores were shared each until O’Connor gave Wexford the advantage again, but Jake Malone and Paddy Smyth both struck points to give Dublin to minimum lead. Alan Nolan pulled off a huge save when Kevin Foley played Paul Morris on for what was a dead cert. O’Connor got two more frees over the bar to give the home side a slim lead at the break.

Dublin come close but not close enough

Jack O’Connor started the second half with a score for Wexford, but Paul Ryan and Rian McBride got Dublin level again by the 38th minute. A string of unanswered scores from Aidan Nolan, Diarmuid O’Keeffe, Rory O’Connor (2 frees) and Paudie Foley would see Wexford 0-05 clear by the 51st and looking more settled than the Dubs. Paul Ryan’s converted ’65 and a neat score from substitute Cian Boland would see Dublin back within 0-03 of their opponents.

Lee Chin and Kevin Foley again made it a five point game before Paul Ryan converted another free, and with ten minutes of normal time remaining Ryan popped up to score Dublin’s second goal, and an upset looked likely for the first time in the game. With a renewed drive, Dublin came forward with Liam Rushe and Danny Sutcliffe giving their side a one score advantage which they held firmly onto for 4 minutes until O’Connor levelled it. But as the game drew toward the closing minutes, Cian Boland would find David Treacy to pop another score over with Dublin leading into the last minute.

Rory O’Connor added yet another score to his personal tally of 0-12 to level the game as the referee added 3 minutes on for stoppages, and O’Connor would score another before Harry Kehoe’s final point did enough to give Wexford the victory, and Dublin to narrowly lose out on points for the second time in the competition.

Scorers for Wexford:

Rory O’Connor 0-12 (11f)
Lee Chin 0-02
Pádraig Foley 0-02 (1f)
Paul Morris 0-01
Jack O’Connor 0-01
Aidan Nolan 0-01
Diarmuid O’Keeffe 0-01
Kevin Foley 0-01
Harry Kehoe 0-01

Scorers for Dublin:

Paul Ryan 1-7 (6f, 1 ’65)
Rian McBride 1-01
Jake Malone 0-01
Paddy Smyth 0-01
Cian Boland 0-01
Liam Rushe 0-01
Danny Sutcliffe 0-01
David Treacy 0-01


1. Mark Fanning
2. Damien Reck
3. Liam Ryan
4. Simon Donohoe
5. Pádraig Foley
6. Matthew O’Hanlon
7. Diarmuid O’Keeffe
8. Kevin Foley
9. Shaun Murphy
10. Lee Chin
11. Aidan Nolan
12. Jack O’Connor
13. Paul Morris
14. Rory O’Connor
15. Conor McDonald

Wexford Substitutions:

23. Harry Kehoe for Conor McDonald (55)
22. Cathal Dunbar for Paul Morris (61)


1. Alan Nolan
2. Paddy Smyth
3. Cian O’Callaghan
4. Bill O’Carroll
5. Shane Barrett
6. Seán Moran
7. Chris Crummey
8. Rian McBride
9. Eoghan O’Donnell
10. Jake Malone
11. Fiontan McGibb
12. Danny Sutcliffe
13. Fergal Whitely
14. Liam Rushe
15. Paul Ryan

Dublin Substitutes:

21. Tomás Connolly for Shane Barrett (43)
22. Cian Boland for Fergal Whitley (43)
23. David Treacy for Bill O’Carroll (51)
24, Ronan Hayes for Eoghan O’Donnell (60)
25. Paul Winters for Fiontan McGibb (60).