Dublin Knocked Out Of Walsh Cup As Galway Advance

Walsh Cup - Mattie Kenny

Kenny not overly disappointed with today’s Walsh Cup defeat to Galway with plenty of positives

Walsh Cup - Mattie Kenny

Dublin 0-18
Galway 0-19

Shane O’Neill’s first competitive game as Galway manager ended in a narrow victory for the Tribesmen in Parnell Park, the venue where their 2019 Championship ended. And for Dublin, despite defeat weathered the absence of quite a number of panel members to put in a battling performance in today’s Walsh Cup Hurling Semi Final.

A different Dublin side to the one that dismantled Laois on Thursday night started well and were 0-07 to 0-03 before the 20 minute mark. John Hetherton opened the scoring. Oisin O’Rorke scored three of the early scores with Eamonn Dillon scoring two and Chris Crummey sending over a trademark long ranger.

Galway, after a sluggish start, found their groove and started to reel Dublin in and by half time were a point the better, with five scores on the bounce. Cathal Mannion got two of those scores to give his side a 0-12 to 0-11 lead at the break.

That lead was maintained for the rest of the game, but never anymore than by two scores. Both sides slugged it out for the second half, with neither able to hit two scores on the bounce. Shane O’Neill made good use of the unlimited subs, making eight second half changes. Danny Sutcliffe made his return for Dublin and tagged a point onto his account.

In the end the outcome was inevitable, with Galway the victors. But Mattie Kenny told DUBSTV that he wouldn’t be overly disappointed with the result, and plenty of positives to take from it.

Dublin Scorers:

Oisin O’Rorke 0-10 (8f)
Eamonn Dillon 0-02
John Hetherton 0-02
Chris Crummey 0-01
Cian Boland 0-01
Marc Howard 0-01
Danny Sutcliffe 0-01

Galway Scorers:

Tadgh Haran 0-08 (7f)
Cathal Mannion 0-03 (1f)
Sean Blehane 0-02
Johnny Coen 0-02
Diarmuid Kilcommins 0-02
TJ Brennan 0-01
Conor Walsh 0-01


1. Sean Brennan
4. James Madden
3. Cian O’Callaghan
2. Andrew Dunphy
6. Chris Crummey
5. Alex O’Neill
10. Tom Connolly
9. Lorcan McMullan
11. Cian Boland
13. John Hetherton
14. Oisin O’Rorke
17. Mark Schutte
12. Cian Derwin
18. Marc Howard
15. Eamon Dillon

Dublin Substitutes:

Enda O’Donnell for Derwin (48)
Sean Moran for Madden (56)
Danny Sutcliffe for Schutte (60)
Mark Sweeney for Howard (66)


16. Eanna Murphy
4. Declan Cronin
3. Ronan Burke
2. Jack Grealish
7. Johnny Coen
6. Gearoid McInerney
5. TJ Brennan
8. Sean Linnane
9. Aidan Harte
10. Diarmuid Kilcommons
11. Cathal Mannion
12. Thomas Monaghan
15. David Glennon
13. Sean Bleahane
26. Tadhg Haran

Galway Substitutes:

Paul Killeen for Cronin (HT)
Conor Walsh for Linnane (45)
Jack Coyne for Coen (45-48, blood)
Ronan O’Meara for Monaghan (52)
Jack Coyne for Bleahane (52)
Mark Horan for Brennan (56)
Jamie Holland for Burke (56)
TJ Brennan for McInerney (65)
Sean Bleahane for Haran (65)