Cuala 3-17 St. Martins 0-15

Reigning Leinster Champions Cuala registered an 11-point victory over Wexford champions St. Martins in Parnell Park to secure a provincial Final spot for the third consecutive year.

Jake Malone, Con O’Callaghan and Colm Cronin all raised green flags this afternoon, and St. Martin’s gameplay unravelled, losing two players to dismissal in the second half as Cuala slowly turned the screw and frustrated the Wexford men.

Late St. Martins replacement Joe Coleman registered the first 0-02 of the game before David Treacy and Nicky Kenny responded. The Wexford dead ball specialist was their sole threat today and converted another three scores to give the visitors a 0-05 to 0-03 lead after the first quarter.

But Con O’Callaghan’s day was about to begin as he set up Colum Sheanon for a point and less than a minuted later was bearing down on goal himself. But with his shot stopped by Luke White in the Martin’s goal. Fortunately Jake Malone pounced on the rebound for Cuala first of three goals and the momentum had shifted in the Dalkey men’s favour.

It was less than a minute later that Con took his opportunity to send the ball into the net to give Cuala a much deserved 5-point lead with 10 minutes remaining to half time. Both sides registered three more score each; Joe O’Connor, Jack O’Connor and Joe Coleman for Martins, David Treacy (2) and Jake Malone for Cuala, as the champions went into the break leading 2-07 to 0-08.

Half time substitute Darren Codd got the second half underway with a sweet score from play to temporarily close the gap to 0-04, but David Treacy , Nicky Kenny and Colm Cronin continued to build Cuala’s lead and further frustrate the Wexford Champions, who were trailing by 0-08 before Coleman registered his first score of the second half.

Con O’Callaghan again confirmed his frightening attacking skill as he carved out 0-03 in less than 90 seconds of play, before setting Colm Cronin up for Cuala’s third goal, and all of a sudden the Leinster champs were 13-points clear of Martins and cruising.

Cuala rang the changes with O’Callaghan and Cronin taking early leave for a successful haul between them, and St. Martin’s began to fall apart in the space of 2 minutes. Michael Codd hit Sean Moran of the ball and after the referee consulted his umpires, he was shown a straight red for the challenge. Soon after Jack O’Connor, who had already been booked 6 minutes before, received his second yellow and dismissed, leaving Martins with 13 men on the field for the remaining 8 or 9 minutes.

All that was left to do was for Cuala to keep their cool to see the game out. Joe Coleman continued to claw away at the deficit with four more scores, and Daithi Waters added another, but David Treacy and substitutes Brian Fitzgerald and Niall Carty did enough to draw the game to a close, with Cuala winning comfortably.

And with the final score of 3-17 to 0-15 in favour of Cuala, this now sets up a Leinster Final tie against Offaly’s Kilcormac Killoughey on December 3rd.

Scorers for Cuala:
David Treacy 0-06 (4f, 1 ’65)
Con O’Callaghan 1-03
Jake Malone 1-01
Colm Cronin 1-01
Nicky Kenny 0-03
Colum Sheanon 0-01
Brian Fitzgerald 0-01
NIall Carty 0-01

Scorers for St Martins:
Joe Coleman 0-11 (8f, 1 sideline)
Joe O’Connor 0-01
Jack O’Connor 0-01
Darren Codd 0-01
Daithi Waters 0-01

1. Sean Brennan
2. Simon Timlin
3. Cian O’Callaghan
4. Oisin Gough
5. John Sheanon
6. Sean Moran
7. Paul Schutte
8. Jake Malone
9. Darragh O’Connell
10. Sean Treacy
11. Colm Cronin
12. David Treacy
13. Colum Sheanon
14. Con O’Callaghan
21. Nicky Kenny

2nd Half, 19 minutes 20. Niall Carty for 14. Con O’Callaghan
2nd Half, 19 minutes 19. Cian Waldron for 11. Colm Cronin
2nd Half, 23 minutes 17. Ross Tierney for 3. Cian O’Callaghan
2nd Half, 26 minutes 18. Shane Stapleton for 13. Colum Sheanon
2nd Half, 27 minutes 23. Brian Fitzgerald for 21. Nicky Kenny

St. Martins:
1. Luke White
2. Willie Devereux
3. Barry O’Connor
4. Conor Firman
5. Daithi Waters
6. Aaron Maddock
7. Paidi Kelly
8. Harry O’Connor
9. Mark Maloney
10. Jake Firman
11. Joe O’Connor
12. Jack O’Connor
13. Ciaran Lyng
17. Joe Coleman
15. Mikey Coleman

Half Time 18. Darren Codd for 15. Mikey Coleman
2nd Half, 9 minutes 20. Michael Codd for 10. Jake Firman
2nd Half, 19 minutes 23. Ben Maddock for 3. Barry O’Connor
2nd Half 30 minutes 24. Philip Dempsey for 2. Willie Devereux