It wasn’t to be for Mattie Kenny in his second year in charge as Cork recover from their loss to Waterford in the Hurling Championship

Hurling Championship - Dublin v Cork

Dublin 0-22
Cork 1-25

The belief in this afternoon’s performance by Cork was too much for the Dublin Senior Hurlers, as they once again bow out of the All Ireland Hurling Championship at the first hurdle. For Mattie Kenny, the memories of last year must have haunted him as he left Semple Stadium today.

Cork played the wounded animal role to perfection, and were leading by six points at half time, thanks to Declan Dalton, Patrick Horgan, Seamus Harnedy and Shane Kingston.

Donal Burke, just like he did against Laois and Kilkenny, was Dublin’s top scorer. But today just wasn’t to be as the likes of Robbie O’Flynn, who put in an inspiring performance for the Rebel County, who won the lion share of the exchanges, an ultimately the game.

There was nothing in the game early on with Luke Meade and Danny Sutcliffe exchanging scores. And it was Declan Dalton, on his debut, who rallied Cork, putting the ball past Alan Nolan into the net. Dublin’s initial response was just what they needed, and scores from Cian Boland and Burke left them three behind on 1-06 to 0-06.

Burke continued to thrive, keeping the scoreboard ticking for Dublin. But Seamus Harnedy and Kingston, and two from Patrick Horgan left Dublin adrift by six at the break.

Cork settled in and kept Dublin at bay

Cork’s momentum continued in the second half, which in turned frustrated Kenny’s Dubs. Robbie O’Flynn hit the target twice further pushing Cork ahead. And Dublin just couldn’t find that fight they found against Kilkenny only a week ago. Horgan, who didn’t feature in the opening half, shone after the break and finished the game on 0-08. With 10 minutes of normal time remaining on the clock Jack O’Connor, also making his debut, registered his first championship point.

Alan Nolan was on the mark for Dublin when more goal chances came a begging for Cork, with O’Connor and Harnedy both having attempts stopped by the Brigid’s man. But two more scores for Horgan ended the game, which was all but over well before that.

For Cork, it’s Round 2 of the Qualifiers, for Dublin and Mattie Kenny it’s another short Championship, in an even shorter season.

Scorers for Dublin:

Donal Burke 0-11 (9f)
Chris Crummey 0-03
Danny Sutcliffe 0-03
Cian Boland 0-02
Conor Burke 0-01
Ronan Hayes 0-01
Davy Keogh 0-01

Scorers for Cork:

Patrick Horgan 0-08 (5f, 1’65)
Seamus Harnedy 0-05
Robbie O’Flynn 0-05
Shane Kingston 0-04
Declan Dalton 1-01
Jack O’Connor 0-01
Luke Meade 0-01


1. Alan Nolan
2. Paddy Smyth
3. Eoghan O’Donnell
4. James Madden
5. Conor Burke
6. Daire Gray
7. Cian O’Callaghan
18. Jake Malone
9. Riain McBride
10. Cian Boland
11. Chris Crummey
12. Danny Sutcliffe
13. Donal Burke
14. Ronan Hayes
15. Eamonn Dillon

Dublin Substitutes:

22. Davy Keogh for Dillon (47)
8. Seán Moran for Malone (51)
23. Liam Rushe for Hayes (52)
21. Mark Schutte for Boland (54)
25. Conal Keaney for McBride (66)


1. Anthony Nash
2. Damien Cahalane
3. Colm Spillane
4. Sean O’ Donoghue
5. Tim O’ Mahony
6. Robert Downey
7. Mark Coleman
8. Bill Cooper
9. Luke Meade
10. Seamus Harnedy
11. Shane Kingston
12. Robbie O’ Flynn
13. Jack O’ Connor
14. Declan Dalton
15. Patrick Horgan

Cork Substitutes:

22. Stephen McDonnnell for O’Donoghue (30)
25. Conor Lehane for Dalton (53)
23. Aidan Walsh for Harnedy (65)
18. Niall O’Leary for Downey (68)
26. Shane Barrett for O’Connor (70)