Dublin Our Team – Episode 12: David Treacy, Dublin Senior Hurling


AIG take a closer look into the psyche of Dublin Senior Hurler David Treacy

The Hurling season maybe over for Dublin but that shouldn’t stop any appreciating the effort that all Dublin hurling panels put in, and the sacrifices they make to try bring hurling success back to the capital. Last weekend’s Leinster Championship victory for the Dublin Minor Hurlers can stand as evidence to that.

And there are many senior players who have quite literally stood up to be counted on so many occasions, and put their bodies on the line even when there has been little or no success. One of the players, who epitomises the dedication and sacrifice an amateur athlete goes through is Cuala’s David Treacy.

In the brand new episode of AIG’s #DublinOurTeam video series, they follow David’s story from the long hard battles with adversity that he and the Dublin hurling team have had. Proving nothing will quench their desire for that ultimate goal. From a family and club at the backbone of Dublin hurling, the sport runs through his blood.

The Dedicated Panel Member

Since capturing a Leinster Senior Championship in 2013, Dublin have tried and failed to build on that success, which brings it’s own challenges, but thankfully there are players like Treacy who will not rest until success returns to Dublin hurling. As he says himself, within Dublin it’s like your on a crusade, as Dublin haven’t been All Ireland Championships since the 30’s. And people really don’t understand why you play, or why you don’t just quit.

But both David, and his fellow panel members do this for the love of it, nothing else. And Treacy loves it BECAUSE no one gets it, nobody understands.

But David is in a lucky position, having his father John in his corner. John both played and captained Dublin and was David’s inspiration growing up. John passed his skill and knowledge onto his son, which we’re all very grateful for.

David’s Senior career got off to a brutal start. After  a year and a half doing what he’d always wanted to do he suffered a cruciate ligament injury, that put his hurling life on hold. He explains the lonely road he travelled while recovering and the stress it put him under, failing his college exams the same year.

Thankfully for Dublin hurling fans, Treacy made a full recovery and has been a permanent fixture ever since, when he’s not winning All Ireland Club Championships with his beloved Cuala.

So sit back and enjoy David Treacy’s episode of #DublinOurTeam

(video credit: AIG via YouTube)