With days to go, Dublin fans will be going through their various rituals, making sure there’s no extra knots in their wristbands, the right jersey is clean, the flags will be hung out the upstairs windows, and whatever other things they get up to in the hope luck will be on Dublin’s side this Sunday.

They once again face Kerry, and the rivalry will once again be renewed. There are sometimes no words to describe what it’s like to witness these two sides go head to head in a big match, with it all at stake.

Kerry come to the capital in search of their 20th League title, and their first since 2009. For Dublin they’ll be looking for their 13th, but more importantly their 5th in a row. A fete not been achieved since Mayo did it way back on the 30’s.


Can Dublin stretch their unbeaten run to 37 games, or will Kerry be the team to stop them.

We’ll know on Sunday evening!!

(video credit: GAA.ie via YouTube)