The preparations have been done this past two weeks. The fans have scrambled for the elusive tickets. The Bus strike has been shelved for now making to journey to HQ somewhat less of a chore for a lot of people.

Met Eireann have claimed that while cloud and rain will linger on eastern and southeastern coasts until tomorrow afternoon, things should brighten up in time for the match at 5pm, with highest temperatures ranging from 13 to 15 C.

While Mayo fans will still be hungry to banish the curse, the Dublin fans will be anticipating and expecting a positive bounce similar to last year’s Semi Final Replay. This year’s opening encounter was wet and cold in more ways than one and the Croke Park crowd will wanting be a lot more when Maurice Deegan throws in the match ball tomorrow evening.

Both Stephen Rochford and Jim Gavin have given their thoughts, along with every pundit and reporter in the country. But tomorrow the talking stops as Dublin and Mayo will fight it out once again, and there can be only winner.

Who will walk the steps of the Hogan Stand and lift the Sam Maguire at the final whistle?

(video credit: via YouTube)