Part 2 of AIG’s look at Stillorgan Club Kilmacud Crokes

In Part 2 of AIG’s Kilmacud Crokes Dub Club Chronicle they explore the importance that the club has placed on family, charity and well-being.

Crokes has been solidifying bonds and creating lasting memories ever since the club was founded.

With around 160 teams, including underage and development, it can be a logistical nightmare for Crokes to keep the wheel turning, but they do it because the club is the heart of the village of Stillorgan, and no one wants to move the club. It brings that community spirit into the middle of South County Dublin.

Ladies Footballers Orna McLoughlin and Philippa Greene explain just how much it means to them. Just because the club is so big doesn’t mean that it’s not as close knit as smaller clubs, because Crokes is VERY family orientated, and that’s a massive asset. You only have to drive through Stillorgan and see the amount of people who are wearing Crokes branded gear to get a sense of how big this club really is.

Sarah O’Callaghan from the Laura Lynn Foundation explains just how valuable it is to have the help and support from Kilmacud, being a close neighbour of the club Silver Park facility. The club’s can do attitude has been a massive outlet of support for the charity.

Kilmacud’s Health and Wellness programmes cater for both the young and old, remembering the people of the area who help set the club and ensuring every person connected with the club remains involved in a positive way.

Dublin Football Star Cian O’Sullivan, one of the most familiar Crokes faces tells AIG that even though it’s such a huge club, it’s still a second home for him. Playing with lads you’ve known since you were really young give it the huge sense of family and community. Cian hope Crokes will be a part of his life for a long time to come.

(video credit: AIG via YouTube)