As “Connolly-Gate” continues to build momentum ahead of this weekend’s massive All Ireland Semi Final between Dublin and Tyrone, former Dublin Legend and columnist Alan Brogan has changed his tune about the sort inclusion of Jim Gavin might hand Connolly.

Last week Alan was of the opinion that the St. Vincents forward would only play an impact role in the tie this weekend, and the Dublin Manager would stay loyal to the 15 or 20 men that have carried the torch through the Championship so far. But Alan has had more time to dissect the possibilities and has reached a different conclusion.

In this week’s Podcast “The Throw In”, Brogan explains why he thinks Connolly might be a straight replacement for Eric Lowndes, and why he also believes there will be one or two other big names that might lose out.

Also to hear the full episode of this week’s “The Throw In” just listen in the player below or listen by clicking here

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