The 2013 All Ireland Final is a day that sticks in the psyche of Dublin’s toughest rear guard Philly McMahon.

The Ballymun star has certainly carved his path and become a huge fan favourite for playing style and indeed his attitude both on and off the playing surface.

Having impressed as a substitute in that year’s All Ireland Semi Final against Kerry, boss Jim Gavin forced one change to his starting 15 for the final. And that change gave McMahon his greatest opportunity. And his first start of the season.

This weekend, Philly’s Autobiography simply entitled “The Choice” is due to be published. And in an extract printed in yesterday’s Sunday World, McMahon described the feeling of being chosen to start the biggest game of his career.

“When Jim picked the team for the final, I was back in as the only change. What a time to be making your first start of the season”.

“I broke from the parade and jogged down to the Canal End to take up my position on Cillian O’Connor. Battle lines drawn.”

“Within in the first few minutes I knew I was sharp.”

“All I wanted to do was keep him off the ball as much as I could and when he did get on the ball, keep him scoreless.”

“He kicked a good few frees but he didn’t score anything off me from play.”

Dublin prevailed that Sunday afternoon and secured their 2nd All Ireland in 3 years. And the ferocity of the game has left a lasting impression on Dublin’s two time All Star.

“I got caught by a flying elbow underneath my eye and the whole eye swelled out. There was around 20 minutes left and Jonny Cooper got a bad knock and had to go off. Concussion. Eoghan O’Gara could barely move.”

“He was after doing some bad damage to his hamstring and all he could really do was sit on the edge of the square and tie one of their players up.”

“Rory O’Carroll went down after a big collision. He got up and played on, but it turned out afterwards he had a concussion too.”

“The Choice” is available this Friday, October 13th from all good book stores and online.

(Image credit: Gill Books)