The uncertainty due to the Covid 19 pandemic has forced the GAA to delay the start of the 2020 All Ireland Senior Football Championship

Gaelic Footballs sitting on a grass pitch to signify that the start of the All Ireland championship has been delayed due to Covid-19

The current uncertainty due to the Covid-19 pandemic has forced a delay to the start of the All-Ireland senior football championship.

The championship was due to begin with the Connacht Senior Football Championship meeting between New York and Galway.

That game scheduled to take place in Gaelic Park, New York on the 3rd of May, is postponed.

All GAA activity at both inter-county and club level was suspended until the 29th of March.

But with the current situation that date seems to be very optimistic and it’s widely expected that the current period of inactivity will last much longer with the possibility that games might not return until late May or early June.

It’s hoped the two remaining rounds of the Allianz League will be completed

There are still two rounds of the Allianz League to complete and it is still hoped these games will be completed.

The Central Competitions Control Committee are believed to prefer to complete the outstanding Allianz League fixtures and the full championship campaign at later dates.

The CCCC are drawing up contingency plans in line with the expected modifying of the National fixtures calendar in order to complete the 2020 season.

Although the preference is to complete all fixtures even if that means pushing the finishing date of the championship much later in the year than normal, with the current uncertainty as to when on-field action can resume, the scrapping for the rest of the league and re-formatting of group stages of the Super 8s is a distinct possibility.

In a statement, the GAA added:

“The future for this fixture (New York v Galway) will be considered at a later date and in the context of the anticipated overall re-drawing of the national fixtures calendar for 2020 as necessitated by the ongoing disruption to the GAA games programme.”

GAA hierarchy are to facilitate a telephone conference call with County Board Chairpersons on Friday to keep them up to date with developments.