A short while ago Jim Gavin extended his stay as Dublin Senior Football till 2019 to the great delight of the metropolitans supporters.

But speaking to RTÉ sport reporter Jackie Cahill, Dublin GAA chairman Sean Shanley reckons Gavin could remain at the helm for as long as Brian Cody has been in charge of the Kilkenny hurlers which next season will be his 20th year in the hurling hot seat.

“Yeah, he’s there until 2019 regardless, and hopefully for a long time to come said Shanley. He could do a Brian Cody on it I’d say, if he wanted to, with the way things are going.

“But Jim insists on one game at a time – that’s his attitude. He doesn’t look too far ahead.”

With the sold out signs expected to put up for Saturday’s double header in Croke Park, many Dublin fans are going to be unable to get tickets for the game and Shanley acknowledged that although there
will be thousands of disappointed Dublin fans, tickets have to be spread around.

“But all of the genuine people will get their tickets, who are involved with clubs and all of that, which we keep telling people they should be.”

Jim Gavin was critical of the Croke Park surface at the Hill 16 end after the Leinster Final with players from both Dublin and Kildare slipping on numerous occasions, that part of the ground had been relayed after the Coldplay concert the week before.

It was relayed again after the U2 concert and there were numerous players slipping again at the Hill 16 end at last weekends games.

Shanley is also concerned with the condition of surface particularly if it rains.

He said: “It’s such a lush pitch that if it gets a drop of rain at all, it’s slippy and too firm to dig in a stud.

“It’s grand if it’s dry but there’s plenty of time to do something with it.”

“It doesn’t tend to cut up much but there were a few divots coming out last Sunday alright. But it’s the slipping and sliding that’s the problem.”