The world of sport can be a fickle place, players can be praised from a height after one match and the very next game be on the end of complete overreactive criticism from the media and fans to a perceived poor performance.

Bernard Brogan is the perfect example of this, he has, since the All Ireland quarter final against Donegal, come in for some ridiculous comments questioning his form, with some calling for him to be dropped.

Brogan was double marked by Donegal and denied any space to do his magic and the St Oliver Plunkett Eoghan Ruadh star failed to register a score in the game and was substituted in the second half.

That for some was grounds to drop him, with Paul Mannion the choice to take his place after the 1-01 he scored coming off the bench.

All this talk was a far cry from the praise heaped on Brogan after his excellent performance against Westmeath in the Leinster Final were he finished with 1-04 to his name.

The notion that Brogan should be dropped for the All Ireland semi-final meeting with Kerry on Sunday is ludicrous and former Dublin star Ray Cosgrove believes Brogan is undroppable.

“He’s undroppable Cosgrove told the Irish Sun. Rewind the clock 70 minutes — he was unbelievable in the Leinster final. He was back to his best.”

Cosgrove believes Paul Mannion will be pushing Brogan hard for a starting place against the Kingdom, but when asked if his Kilmacud Crokes club mate should be picked ahead of Bernard a former Player of the Year winner, Ray gave an emphatic answer.

“Definitely not, the guy has too much ability, too much talent.

“Has Paul done enough to get back into the team? He’s certainly going to ask hard questions but Berno is tried and tested.

“It was very difficult against Donegal, there wasn’t much space.
“It’s frustrating when you’re inside there and you’re not getting as much space as you’d like. Berno doesn’t need that much space, he’s shown that in the Leinster final.”

It’s amazing how some pundits, journalists and supporters in the space of just one game, have changed their opinions about Brogan’s form so quickly.

And even if Bernard did have a rare off day against Donegal, you can be sure he won’t have two bad performances in a row and Kerry may very well be on the receiving end of a backlash from Dublin’s ace predator.

As the saying goes, ‘Form Is Temporary, Class Is Permanent’ and there is none more Classy than Bernard Brogan.