Dublin Star and Fitness Instructor Philly McMahon is helping people keep active during isolation

Philly McMahon - COVID-19

We’re all doing our part as the numbers rise in the COVID-19 outbreak here in Ireland. But some are going the extra mile to keep people’s spirits up during this unusual time.

Yesterday Philly McMahon, Dublin Senior Footballer and owner of Be.Do7 Fitness offered a live video, where he outlined a home workout for people who have taken the steps to self isolate.

Six time All Ireland Champion McMahon is a qualified personal trainer. And in his down time from training with the Dublin Senior Football panel, Philly has decided to give back.

Yesterday he took to Facebook and Instagram to declare he was giving “a super home workout! I will take you through some effective workout moves, routines and wellness tips”. And that he did.

McMahon echoes McCaffrey’s advice on staying active

But Philly hasn’t been the only one offering advice while people find themselves stuck indoor while COVID-19 takes hold. Earlier this week Jack McCaffrey also echoed the importance of staying active even while stuck at home.

Appearing on the Second Captain’s Podcast this Wednesday Jack said “I highly recommend that people keep doing a bit of exercise throughout this time period. I know we are all to be reducing our social contact and staying indoors but being cooked up inside alone or with a limited number of contacts for a long time has its own problems too.”

“So whether it be exercising, meditating or reading a book, whatever your release is, I think it is important for everybody’s mental health anyway to be thinking of a strategy to be dealing with that.”

“For most people and for me anyway, I think exercise is a really good way to do that.”