Paul Flynn Defends Cluxton Absence After Sunday Game Comments

Paul Flynn - Cluxton comments nonsense

Former Dub Paul Flynn has come to the defence of Cluxton after Colm O’Rourke and Tomas O Sé had their say at the weekend

Paul Flynn - Cluxton comments nonsense

There’s clearly more to Stephen Cluxton’s decision to step away from the Dublin Senior Football Panel and not retire. But that never stops people having their say. And after the weekend’s Sunday Game on RTÉ, former Dublin star Paul Flynn jumped to Cluxton’s defence after the “nonsense” comments made by panelists Colm O’Rourke and Tomas O Sé.

After Dublin’s opening win over Wexford in the Leinster Championship, it was no surprise Dublin Boss Dessie Farrell would be quized on the issue.

“I don’t know, is the honest answer”. Farrell told the media.

“The situation is very simple. Stephen isn’t with us at the moment. He’s gone back to his club.”

“But he’s not retired, he has just stepped away.”

When the subject was put under the microscope of RTÉ’s Sunday Game, the pundits had their say.

“Cluxton has been there for 20 years. Does anyone know him? Has he ever given an interview or a comment?” were the words of Colm O’Rourke.

“He has always been the man of mystery in a lot of respects and he remains that.”

“I think Dessie Farrell is put in a very invidious position. I’m quite surprised that Cluxton hasn’t made it clear, ‘I’m coming back at some stage or I’m not coming back’.

Meanwhile Tomas O Sé added “Dublin are going to be answering questions about this, there’s no closure.”

“He owes Dublin nothing, you’d need a full show to give him justice on what he’s achieved. But we’re in the middle of a championship.”

“If he’s going to go, just tell the management”

Flynn says Sunday Game comments were ‘nonsense’

Paul Flynn took to his Twitter yesterday to stand up for Cluxton, a man he played alongside for his long award winning career.

“Stephen Cluxton deserves time and space if he needs/wants it. It’s an amateur sport, he isn’t contracted or obligated play. He can opt in or out or be deselected at any time! Nobody knows what’s going on in any players life as to why they need/ want a break. Nonsense on the SG!”