Dublin Forward Paddy Andrews knows well the privilege of playing in an All Ireland Senior Football Final

Some have said that one hour after Dublin’s All Ireland Football Semi Final whitewashing of Mayo two weekend’s ago, preperations got under way for Jim Gavin and his panel for their monster clash with Kerry.

A much storied rivalry back through the decades will be rekindled in less than two weeks time as Dublin and Kerry will form two lines behind the Artane Boys Band and parade the Croke Park surface before doing battle one more time. 2014 was the last time the men from the Kingdom lifted Sam Maguire. And since then Sam hasn’t taken permanent residence in the Capital.

Now Dublin are on the cusp of true greatness. Jim Gavin’s panel are one game away from keeping the All Ireland silverware for the fifth successive year. History will be made whatever the outcome. Dublin will win five All Ireland’s in a row, or Kerry will be labelled the team that stopped the drive for five.

St. Brigids Paddy Andrews was on hand this weeks for media duties as the Dub’s prepare for the challenge ahead. Paddy made his debut in 2008 and has amassed five League, nine Leinster and five All Ireland titles in his time.

“An exciting time to be involved alright, but still plenty of work to get through” was Paddy’s opening exchange with DUBSTV.

Room for improvement as Dublin face the home stretch

“The Mayo game was obviously challenging in a number of aspects. You’d expect that from them over the last number of years. They’ve always been such tight games.”

Certainly there’s areas that we needed to improve on, you could probably see that in the first half particularly. There’s always things to pick up on and try and improve on. We’ll take the lessons out of that as well.”

When asked what it means to him to be in an All Ireland Final, being no stranger to them at this stage, Andrews admits it’s where everyone wants to be.

“It is what you work for. It’s a long season, it’s a hard season. But ultimately this is where you want to be at this stage. I’m sure there’s hundreds and thousands of players around the country that would happily swap places with you.”

Getting to represent this group, at any time, is very special. And we’re privileged to be able to do that. Byt to be able to do it in an All Ireland Final is obviously extra special.”

The Kerry rivalry is not lost on any player old or new

“There’s huge rivalry and tradition between Dublin and Kerry. But with this particular team, they’ve got some incredibly dangerous forwards. They’ve supplemented some of their more experienced players who are obviously playing really well with some exciting young players as well.”

“Ultimately if you’re playing for the biggest prize, you expect to have the biggest challenge. And that’s certainly what Kerry are going to bring. Play a game quite similar to the way we like to play as well. They like to play on the front foot.”

“If their forwards get hot and are moving well, they can really hurt you. So we’ve got to be prepared for that. We will, we’ll do a lot of work on it. Pay them the respect as well as they’re a special team.”