National League Memories: Dublin v Derry 2014


A second league title in a row for Jim Gavin’s side as we continue our National League Memories

Dublin 3-19
Derry 1-10

We continue today with some more National League Memories. This one was a powerhouse of performance by a Dublin side in it’s second year under the watchful eye of Jim Gavin. Having secured both the National Football League and All Ireland Crowns in Gavin’s first year in charge, 2014 was always going to be a difficult year.

But despite an early Emmett McGuckin goal for Derry, Dublin would not choose this day to crumble. in fact it was the contrary. Derry set up as most expected and crowded the approaches to their goal, leaving minimal presence up front. Granted McGuckin’s goal did give the fans some promise, was expelled by a succession of points from Dublin.

Bernard Brogan, who was awarded the Man Of The Match, registered 1-06, three of those scores from play. Eoghan O’Gara’s expertise in holding up play gave Dublin the lifeline against the blanket defence.

And with Derry only  leaving two men up front, it left Dublin space to relentlessly press forward.

It took until the 27rth minute for Derry to add to their early goal. By that time Dublin had registered 10 points, thanks to O’Gara, Diarmuid Connolly, Paul Flynn and a Stephen Cluxton free. It would be a case of damage limitation for the remainder of the game with Dublin leading by 0-13 to 1-03 at the break.

But a second half with three goals from Brogan, Kevin McManamon and Connolly put a stop to any hope of Derry coming back into the game in any way. And saw Dublin add a second consecutive National League title to their tally of ten titles.

Dublin Scorers:

B. Brogan 1-06 (3f)
D. Connolly 1-02
K. McManamon 1-00
P. Flynn 0-03
A. Brogan 0-02
E. O’Gara 0-02
S. CLuxton 0-01 (1f)
J. Cooper 0-01
C. Reddin 0-01
D. Nelson 0-01

Derry Scorers:

G. O’Kane 0-02
F. Doherty 0-01
M. Lynch 0-02
E. McGuckin 0-02
C. O’Boyle 1-01
E. Bradley 0-01 (1f)
K. Johnston 0-01


1. S Cluxton
2. P McMahon
3. R O’Carroll
7. K Nolan
5. J McCarthy
4. J Cooper
6. N Devereux
8. MD Macauley
9. C O’Sullivan
10. P Flynn
12. D Connolly
11. P Andrews
13. A Brogan
14. E O’Gara
15. B Brogan

Dublin Substitutes:

23. K McManamon for Andrews (29)
18. D Byrne for Nolan (45)
20. M Fitzsimons for O’Carroll (60)
25. C Reddin for O’Gara (60)
24. D Nelson for O’Sullivan (63)
17. T Brady for A Brogan (66)


1. T Mallon
2. O Duffy
3. C McKaigue
4. D McBride
5. K Johnston
6. G O’Kane
7. A McAlynn
8. F Doherty
9. P Bradley
12. C McFaul
11. M Lynch
10. E Lynn
13. B Heron
14. E McGuckin
15. C O’Boyle

Derry Substitutes:

17. C McAtamney for McAlynn (31)
24. E Bradley for Heron (31)
25. D Mullan for P Bradley (47)
18. D Brown for Duffy (51)
20. M Craig for Johnston (66)
21. N Holly for Lynn (66)