What a wonderful city we live in. And this time of the year Dublin is bursting at the seams with foreign tourists and students all trying to find out as much as they can about our wonderful land.

Yes, the language barrier can sometimes be a stumbling block. But not any longer!

In the latest feature as part of King Crisps #kingofthehill promotion, they enlisted the help of some of Dublin’s best to aid some traveling students on how to communicate with the locals, from all parts of Dublin.

Who doesn’t like a Northside Vs Southside competition?

Under the watchful eye of Headmaster Bernard Brogan, Johnny and Niall Cooper were tasked with teaching the students their native Northside tongue, while the Southside variation was ably schooled by Michael Darragh Macauley and Darragh Nelson.

The task was to teach the students both sides of the coin so to speak, and then they decided which side they preferred, Northside or Southside.

If anything these features are extremely funny and entertaining, and show a side to the players that a lot would never get to see.

By the end, do you think the students preferred “Gerr Up Owada!” or “Totes Morto”?


(video credit: King Crisps via Youtube)