Image of Croke Park Stadium where Tyrone manager Mickey Harte is releshing playing Dublin

Mickey Harte: “When Your Playing Against The Dubs That’s A Unique Experience.”


Tyrone manager Mickey Harte is relishing Saturday’s Allianz National Football League encounter with Dublin in Croke Park and believes his team revels in the challenge of locking horns with the All Ireland champions.

Speaking in an interview with Harte expressed that his players like playing at the Jones Road venue and playing Dublin is a unique experience and he treasures every opportunity to play against Dublin.

“Our players like playing there, and traditionally over the last couple of years that has been the case for Tyrone players. They don’t see it as an away venue almost, they see it as a privileged place to be.

“I suppose when you’re playing against the Dubs that’s a unique experience as well, and I’ve always treasured those opportunities to play against Dublin, not because you know that the outcome is going to be very favourable for you. I think it is an experience that a lot of Gaelic football players should have, and I think in Tyrone we are very lucky to have had a lot of players who have that experience.”

It’s a welcomed and refreshing take on playing Jim Gavin’s side in GAA headquarters and the polar opposite to the constant moaning and whingeing from county managers, players, supporters and the media about facing Dublin in Croke Park.

Maybe all this complaining is just the society we live in today, social media has a lot to answer for, it’s the breeding ground for attention seekers, the prairie where the PC brigade can roam and flourish and theres no better way to garner attention than complain about inequality and fairness.

When you reminisce about the ’old days’ your accused at looking back favorably on an era with rose tinted glasses and everything is so much better now. It’s not – where have all the county teams, managers and supporters gone that relished a trip to Croke Park to take the Dubs down a peg or two.

Back in the day it was seen as a badge of honour and one worn proudly by many a county, there was no moaning about the venue, population, finances and the other myriad of excuses made nowadays, even though those same perceived advantages were there back then.

The attitude to playing Dublin in Croker by the Tyrone manager Mickey Harte and his squad should be applauded and taken note of by those who choose to do nothing but complain.

Dublin’s recent era of success winning multiple League, Leinster and All Ireland titles has been marred by nothing but constant negative media coverage with little or no recognition of the achievements of the players.

Other teams who have dominated both football and hurling for spells have been rightly revered both during and since their successful periods.

Yet as Jim Gavin’s Dublin side set out to possibly make history this year there is still no coverage of how special there achievements to date are or just what a incredible group of players they are, no it’s just still more of the monotonous dribble about venues, funding and population.

For Mickey Harte though he is of the opinion that the achievements of the current Dublin squad should be recognised and they deserve the title of team of the century.

“They’re a force to be reckoned with and it’s not hard to see why. They have four All-Irelands a row, and anyone else with that there you’d be saying they’re the team of the century. Dublin deserve that title too.”