Some fantastic action this weekend on the Allianz National Football League, particularly Dublin’s record breaking victory over Roscommon on Saturday night in Croke Park.

The Dubs notched up a colossal 2-29 (35) on the night, and the Croke Park crowd were presented with an astonishing array of skill.

In this week’s Super Scores, Kevin McManamon’s goal, and Diarmuid Connolly’s first point of the year for Dublin were chosen as their best.

Other player to feature this week in the collection are Mayo’s Tom Parsons and Kevin McLoughlin, Tyrone’s Sean Cavanagh, Donegal’s Micheál Carroll and Michael Murphy, Monaghan’s Jack McCarron, Kerry’s Donnchadh Walsh and Bryan Sheehan, Cavan’s Dara McVeety and Conor Moynagh, and Roscommon’s Donie Smith.

(video credit: via YouTube)