Dublin’s Philly McMahon is no longer just a member of the Dublin Senior football panel. In fact for the longest time now McMahon has become a voice synonymous with the every day person. From his own struggles, his own personal demons, and his own successes he almost is the blueprint for anyone that in turn has struggled.

Last night again, Philly had the opportunity to talk about his personal life, growing up in Ballymun, the loss of his brother, and the affect it’s had on him and his choices. And again his words have touched so many people, with the response to his appearance resounding.

McMahon sat with RTE Late Late Show presenter Ryan Tubridy to discuss the release of his autobiography “The Choice”, and discussed in depth, the death of his brother, and how it made him feel, and also reminded people who have been through the same loss, how it shouldn’t make them feel. And what rings through, is Philly’s honesty and sincerity.

Now a successful business owner, McMahon comes across as a man who will never forget his roots and the people that made him who he is today. And as such continues to touch and inspire others in the same way.

And on the subject of Football and another All Ireland win, it was just passing remarks. No talk of the celebrations, no talk of cynical play, and no talk of the media coverage on his team and manager Jim Gavin.

But McMahon did reveal how an opponent taunted him over the death of John and was dealt with in as classy way as you would imagine.

“I was marking a guy and he thought saying my brother overdosed from drugs and that he was a junkie would affect my game, but it just empowered me and I played better…we all make mistakes and I’m sure that person regrets it and it just happened in the minute, but I know John was with me when he said that,” McMahon said.


For all Philly has done, and is doing, Independent writer Ger Keville has simply put it best.

Philly McMahon should be placed on a pedestal and be a beacon of inspiration to all young sports stars in the country.”


(video credits: The Late Late Show via YouTube)