Kilmacud Crokes Secure Their 5th Leinster Senior Football Title


So it’s onto the All Ireland Semi Finals as Kilmacud Crokes take the provincial silverware in Croke Park.

Kilmacud Crokes - Leinster Champions

Kilmacud Crokes 0-14
Naas 0-07

A comfortable win for Kilmacud Crokes saw them clinch their 5th Leinster Senior Football title as they prepare themselves for an All Ireland run. Despite losing Paul Mannion before throw in, Crokes were impressive, as they have been all through the club championship season.

Naas, who were in their first provincial decider, failed to register a score in the second half of the Croke Park proceedings. Nonetheless they will remember the season as the one that brought them a first county title in three decades.

Throught Naas started positively, they never capitalised on their attacking efforts allowing Crokes to settle into a 0-04 to 0-01 lead approaching the second quarter. A Paddy McDermott score before the water break was followed by three more white flags for Naas with Eamonn Callaghan providing the bulk from spot kicks.

But Crokes would come to the fore as Nass began to choke. Kilmacud provided a flurry of scores, but the Kildare champs responded closing the gap to one score once again in Crokes favour as we reached half time.

The Dublin county champions dominated following the restart with four points unanswered by the time the second water break was signalled. And they should have put the game to rest at this point.

Dara Mullin had two goal opportunities. His first rebounded high off the goalpost and his second was deflected over the bar by Cathal Daly in the 43rd.

A steady and solid last quarter brought the competition to a close as Kilmacud secured their 5th provincial title and a place in the All Ireland Semi Finals. Will they be the next Dublin side to win the Championship since Ballyboden in 2016? We’ll have to wait and see.

Kilmacud Crokes Scorers:

Tom Fox 0-05 (2f)
Dara Mullin 0-03
Callum Pearson 0-02
Conor Ferris 0-01 (1f)
Dan O’Brien 0-01
Craig Dias 0-01
Aidan jones 0-01

Naas Scorers:

Eamonn Callaghan 0-04 (4f)
Dermot Hanafin 0-02
Paddy McDermott 0-01

Kilmacud Crokes:

1. Conor Ferris
2. Michael Mullin
3. Ross McGowan
5. Dan O’Brien,
7. Cillian O’Shea
6. Rory O’Carroll
4. Andrew McGowan
8. Craig Dias
23. Conor Casey
21. Aidan Jones
15. Dara Mullin
10. Tom Fox
13. Hugh Kenny
14. Shane Cunningham
17. Callum Pearson

Kilmacud Crokes Substitutes:

12. Shane Horan for Kenny (ht)
18. Cian O”Connor for Pearson (48)
20. Anthony Quinn for Cunningham (54)
27. Darragh Jones for Fox (57)
26. James Murphy for Dias (62)


1. Jack Rodgers
24. Cathal Daly
8. Eoin Doyle
3. Paul Sullivan
5. Tom Browne
6. Brian Byrne
7. Paddy McDermott
14. James Burke
9. Jack Cleary
17. Sean Cullen
4. Colm Joyce
2. Brian Kane
11. Eamonn Callaghan
12. Luke Griffin
20. Dermot Hanafin

Naas Substitutes:

22. Conor McCarthy for Joyce (48)
26. Ailin McDermott for Kane (54)
23. Jack McEvitt for Maguire (55)
10. Shane Bergin for Griffin (57)
15. David Gahin for Cleary (59)