St. Judes and Dublin legend Kevin McManamon is hoping to stick around for while longer

Kevin McManamon

With many stories floating around following Dublin’s historic five in a row in the All Ireland Senior Football Championship, speculation is of course rife on retirements. Many would have believed it would be difficult to keep this successful group of players together having achieved so much.

But the resounding consensus among the players has been that they want to continue. Bernard Brogan this week spoke to Off The Ball, proclaiming he’s in the best shape he’s been in for a long time. And he’s playing the best football of his career as he prepares for the Dublin Senior Football Championship this weekend.

Today, St. Judes star and Dublin veteran Kevin McManamon also aired his desire to continue playing.

“My Da stopped playing at 43 and he was saying you’ll never be able to replace it so keep rolling with it.” he told the Off The Ball team.

And his question to the Dublin management will be ‘What do you think, do you want me to keep rolling?’

“I’ve a better lifestyle now than when I was starting games and was one of the first forwards on the team sheet. Physically, I was lighter and trimmer this year than ever.”

“I’ll probably chat to Jim before the start of the year in December…”

And on the subject of the Dublin manager, Kevin reckons Jim Gavin will stay on.

“I think so yeah… I don’t know, I think he signed for a couple of years,” McManamon said. “I don’t know but I’d say he’ll still be floating around. I haven’t spoken to him about it.”