Kevin McManamon: Impactful on and off the field


Since 2010, there really hasn’t been a more loyal, entertaining and impactful Dublin player than Kevin McManamon

When people speak about Kevin McManamon, it’s difficult to pick a starting point. Since his Dublin senior debut in the 2010 O’Byrne Cup, the St. Judes star has effortlessly grabbed the headlines. Clearly his introduction into the 2011 All Ireland Football Final against Kerry will forever be the moment that will stick in every Dublin fan’s minds forever.

When Cian O’Sullivan made a pin point pass to Alan Brogan, the Plunketts forward could very easily have chosen to kick it long and high towards the Hill to give Dublin a much needed point. But instead, he noticed McManamon off his right shoulder building pace. As Kev received the he had Declan O’Sullivan to beat. And with his head down he rocketed the ball into the net, creating a turning point in one of the most memorable All Ireland Finals in history.

McManamon made sure it wouldn’t be the last time he changed the momentum of a game. In 2013, when Dublin faced Kerry in the Championship Semi Final, the sides were level as the game entered the 70th minute. And once again, when it counted Kevin Mc rose to the occasion placing the ball neatly into the top corner to start Dublin eventual winning margin.

With goals like these, and more, like his bullet against Mayo in the 2015 Semi Final, it’s wonder how the sharp shooter has never landed a solid starting 15 slot outside of the National League campaigns. But one things for sure, Kevin McManamon, as am impact player, will go down in history as one of the greatest.

For his contribution on the field, McManamon knows how to celebrate

As a county, Dublin, and indeed the many fans of the Senior Football team, have enjoyed many a celebration over the last decade. No less than 7 September nights have seen the players and fans come together in the City Centre to celebrate their achievements.

And one man who has single-handedly stolen the show on almost every one of them? You’ve guessed it, our very own Kevin Mc. As a music fan, Kevin has never shied away from the limelight. He’s been known to participate regularly in various ballad sessions over the years. But when they erect a platform to celebrate Sam Maguire coming home, there’s no one quite like Kevin to get everyone in fine voice, even someone like Dean Rock!

From “Brown Eyed Girl” to The Killers “All These Things I Have Done”. We’ve had “the Auld Triangle”, “Dublin In The Rare Auld Times”, and just last year he graced us with an impromptu rendition of “Grace”. Kevin is certainly not shy with his hands, feet or his vocal chords.

Let’s hope some day soon we’ll have the chance to see Kevin McManamon work his magic on the field, and celebrate with him off it.