Dublin’s Jonny Cooper will have more than Patrick McBrearty and Michael Murphy to worry about on Saturday when the defending champions take on Donegal in the All Ireland quarter final in Croke Park.

The Na Fianna clubman will be walking a suspension tightrope that could see the ever present Dubs defender miss out on the semi-finals of the sky blues progress.

In January of 2014 the Gaa brought in new “suspension” rules that state a player will miss the following game if he receives three black cards within that year’s league or championship campaign.

The same one-game suspension also applies if a player receives three double yellow cards or a yellow card followed by a black card on three occasions. Or a combination of the three.

Cooper picked up a black card in the league game against Mayo and was sent off after a double yellow against Cork also in the league.

That leaves him teetering on the edge of a one game suspension and that will happen if he receives a black card or double yellow against Donegal.

Jonny though will have to put that to the back of his mind or it could affect his normal game, something Dublin can ill afford.

It’s a ludicrous rule to carry over cards through what is basically three competitions of League, Provincial and All Ireland Championships, particularly for players who are ever present in their counties team and even more so if they are a defender as they are the most likely to pick up bookings.

Yet another subplot to add to what will be a tasty affair at the weekend between these two great rivals.