Na Fianna Forward Jonny Cooper says it’s a really exciting time to be involved

It feels like Sunday will never get here. But you can definitely start to feel the excitement in the air around the city. More blue and navy flags, banners and bunting are appearing every hour of every day as Dublin decorates the streets.

The ticket queue in Drumcondra has died down and fans lucky enough to get hold of a ticket will be going through all their pre-match preperations, gathering up their lucky charms, and praying for a good result this Sunday.

Na Fianna’s Jonny Cooper is an old hand at All Ireland week at this stage. Sure he has five Celtic Crosses in his back pocket. But that doesn’t lower the level of excitement he has for this Sunday.

“It’s a really exciting time, the next couple of days, to be involved”

“Training has been going really well, the lads are in really good spirits” he told DUBSTV this week.”

Dublin‘s rivalry with Kerry is a long storied one, but one of pure respect between the two sides. And as the two side to have one the most All Ireland titles going into battle one more time for the grandest prize, history will be rewritten.

“A lot of respect for the opposition and the quality they’re going to bring. I guess it’s just trying to pull it all together now.”

“We’ll look forward to the day as much as we can, but also try execute what we’re hoping to achieve”

Club means everything

For Cooper, his Na Fianna club has been so central to his life. Not unlike any other member of the panel and their respective clubs. And the Mobhi Road club are represented by three players again this year.

“I have really fond memories of growing up here in Na Fianna. It’s such a busy place now, it wasn’t as bus when I was growing up”

“There’s hundreds of kids below the age of 5 and 6. It’s a testament to the work and the effort that goes on behind the scenes.”

“So it’s a really exciting time fo the club to have three of us involved in the panel coming into the weekend. And hopefully in the future we’ll have many more”

Cooper has high praise for the coaches, mentors and parents that brought him to games growing up. Far too many to mention.

“I probably should have started naming names. But there’s so many of them and there’s more of them that are in my head at the moment.”

“I’d many role models growing up. Dessie Farrell, Senan Conall and Jason Sherlock. And more that are here in Na Fianna.”

“I guess it’s such a fantastic thing, to have people to look up to that you can aspire to be like one day. And hopefully achieve some of your dreams”