Dublin boss Jim Gavin insists that there’s still an opportunity for every player to make his final panel

Jim Gavin

It’s not by any stretch a revolving door of talent in Dublin. Though the Senior Football panel is well endowed with a great selection of players, depending on the opposition. And after an experimental line up for their last Super 8’s clash against Tyrone is was business as usual for Dublin as they faced Mayo.

Dublin weathered an interesting first half with Mayo finishing down the tunnel two scores clear at the break. But all that was about to change in a huge turnaround after Conor Lane got the second half underway.

In the week previous to this Dublin boasted a panel including newcomers like player of the match Sean Bugler, Cian O’Connor and Peadar O’Cofaigh Byrne. It also saw the introduction of Eoghan O’Gara and Bernard Brogan. And least we forget the return of Diarmuid Connolly to the fray.

When Saturday’s panel was announced, Brogan, O’Gara and the returning Rory O’Carroll were all excluded. Which couldn’t have been easy decisions to make.

With a couple of weeks to prepare, Dublin manager Jim Gavin insists there’s still plenty to play for.

They’re Influencing How This Team Performs

“For the next day, there are still a lot of weeks to run, and a lot can change over that time, and we’ll still be searching for the players who can perform consistently.” Gavin explained to RTÉ Sport.

“All they can do is try their best, and those guys are putting a serious amount of effort in.”

And in terms of the three established players who lost out in Dublin’s victory over Mayo?

“They are exceptional leaders, and have been for a number of years.”

“In the shadows, they’re influencing how this team performs.”

Many have described the spell Dublin had in the second half of Saturday’s game as the best they’ve seen in Gavin’s tenure. But in character, Jim plays down the compliment and remains as grounded as always.

“There’s always something in each facet of play that you want to improve upon.”

“We went through a patch in the game where we executed really well, but over the course of the game it will ebb and flow.”

“When the opportunities come your way, you just need to execute them the best you can.”