Jim Gavin: I Have Loved Every Moment. I’ve Had A Great Journey

Jim Gavin

Jim Gavin Thanks Players, Staff and Supporters on collecting the Signify Sports Manager of the Year Today

Jim Gavin

This afternoon, Jim Gavin came clean on the thought process that lead him to step down as team manager. And after seven amazing years, no one would have a bad word to say about it.

The county board announced Gavin’s departure last weekend. Only three months after the Round Towers man steered the Dublin Footballers to an historic fifth consecutive All Ireland title.

Speaking at today’s Signify Sports Manager Of The Year Awards, Jim explained why he thought it was the right time to hand the team back to the county.

“I took that time to deliberate on what is best for my family, for my work and obviously the football team as well. The conclusion I came up with at the end was that what was best to allow the team the space to grow again was for me to simply hand the reins on again.”

“After every campaign, after every championship run, you have to reflect upon the season that is gone”.

A change in pace with no regrets

Obviously it will be a massive life change for Jim, having put well over a decade into Dublin football at different levels. And even though he’s content with his decision, there’s no doubt he’ll miss the involvement.

“I have been involved for 12 years as a manager of Dublin football teams, be it U21 or senior level, so absolutely. It has been a massive part of my life. I have loved every moment of it. I had a great journey, great times, worked with a phenomenal and exceptional group of players.”

“I’m just really honoured to be able to share my coaching and managerial journey. I have been surrounded by a great management team, a fantastic backroom team who have really supported me really, really well, and create that environment to let the players be their best.”

“I won’t have any regrets, that is for sure. I gave it my all for as long as I could. I’m just really excited for 2020 and excited for the team and to see what will happen with them.”

This afternoon, with another Award bestowed on the manager, Jim dedicated it to his players and staff.

“This award really is for the players. They held strong during the replay match to deliver a result to make me and the fans proud. An amazing year for the team, all topped by the Signify Sports Manager of the Year 2019 trophy.”