Jim Gavin – Great Mental Strength And Mental Fortitude


Dublin manager Jim Gavin heaps praise on his panel for the way in which they went about their dominant victory over Mayo yesterday

For anyone, a Dublin football fan or a neutral, yesterday’s second half performance by Dublin was one of the most frightening, yet impressive spectacles seen in the game in a very long time.

Dublin contained Mayo for the first half. But all the while absorbing all the information they could on their opponents tactics. As a result, they hit the ground running right from the second half throw in. And within minutes, they had killed the game, leaving Mayo startled and lacking the smarts to mount any comeback.

After the game Jim Gavin spoke to DUBSTV to pay tribute to his players for weathering the first half and their response in the second.

“We knew coming into was going to be a titanic game.”

“There’s so much respect on that Dublin team for Mayo. They’re an outstanding team. And I really saw that this week by how the players prepared themselves, and the humility that they showed for Mayo”

Mayo certainly got the better start in yesterday last four clash. The score of 0-08 to 0-06 literally only lasted the length of the half time break. Dublin emerged out of the Croke Park tunnel rejuvenated.

Lucky to be involved with a really dedicated group

“I thought the guys showed great composure to stay in the game when Mayo were pushing really hard. At half time it was very much a sense of calm in the dressing room.”

“The players very much reflected on the game, learned from an awful lot in the first half and adapted to the challenges that Mayo posed. And I thought in the second half it was all about our skill execution. Our hand passing was really good, kick passing was good, high fielding was good. The technical aspect of our defending was really good.”

“Those components I mentioned there are things that we practice on the training field every day.”

The impressive part of any game involving Dublin, is how they always appear unaffected by their surroundings. It’s as if they can literally hit a mute switch and drown out the noise of the stadium and just go to work.

“Games will always ebb and flow and that’s one thing that we’ve learned over the years. And it’s how these Dublin players respond to those challenges is what’s probably most impressive about them.”

You never see them blink. They’ve got great mental strength and great mental fortitude and we’re just lucky to be involved with a really dedicated group who take great pride in playing for Dublin.