Dublin manager Jim Gavin today confirmed the news all sky blue supporters will be delighted with, that star defender James McCarthy is fit and available for selection for Saturday’s All Ireland quarter final against Donegal in Croke Park at 6pm.

“He is available for selection,” said the Dublin manager today. “Obviously he hasn’t played for a few weeks, like, an inter-county game, but he is very experienced player and it is good to have him back.

“He has met all and probably was a bit ahead, of all his goals so it is just great to have him back on grass last week which is great news.”

There is always a risk that a player can aggravate an injury in their first game back if they are rushed back ahead of their recovery schedule, but Gavin insists thats not the case with McCarthy.

“Well I think any payer coming back for their first game there is always that threat,” he said. “Now it has been managed well and when the player feels he is good to go and the medical team agrees with that consensus, that’s what I’ll take.

“I’ve never put any player under pressure to get back, the medical team is there, it is the players choice, once they feel they are 100 per cent we will go with that.”

It’s a big boost for the Dubs to have McCarthy back and ready for action, not only because of his stellar form this season, but also because he will more than likely be assigned the man-marking job on Donegal danger man Michael Murphy, a role McCarthy excuted to perfection in the League semi-final earlier in the year.

“Yeah he has, he has been excellent in that half-back line,” said Gavin. “Defensively, first and foremost, he has been very strong and obviously he gives us attacking options as well.

“But he is one of a number of players that is in that back division that are playing well. Everybody who has taken to the field to represent the county in that back division has done extremely well. We are lucky to have cover in that area.”