Dublin boss Jim Gavin hails supporters as “Phenomenal” as his side prepare for the All Ireland Final Replay

He may have been given some stick in the media, along with the lack of positive coverage the Dublin Senior footballers have received. But you can rely on Jim Gavin to have steadied the ship ahead of this weekend’s All Ireland Final replay against Kerry.

We all know what’s at stake at 6:00pm on Saturday evening. And while the magnitude of the outcome could make history, the Dublin manager is as cool as ever speaking to DUBSTV.

We can’t wait for six o’clock on Saturday evening to come around.” Gavin admits with the slightest of smiles.

“Preparations have been going super really. The guys are really excited about it. There’s great energy and enthusiasm in the squad.”

When asked how preperations differ from the first game compared to a replay, Gavin of course doesn’t give too much away, recalling again their process for any upcoming fixture.

“This week has been on just trying to get our game plan right we’re obviously playing an exceptional team in Kerry and they showed us all of their qualities in the drawn game.”

“It came as no surprise to us as we’d a fantastic game with them down and Tralee as well back in February. So the focus has been on trying to get our game plan right and getting our skill set right, and what we pride ourselves upon.”

The bond between the players, and their bond with the fans

We’ve all come to know the bond that’s shared between the entire Dublin panel for the last number of years. And that bond was fully apparent to Jim after the final whistle two weeks ago.

“What I saw after the game was just a great solidarity amongst a group. Great connection and I suppose comradeship to a man.”

“They were there in the dressing room immediately after the game, all the panel members, including the guys who got the opportunity to represent Dublin on the pitch that day. They all rallied around each other.”

And while they may have had it tough in Croke Park a couple of weeks ago, the boss couldn’t have been more proud of the Dublin Supporters for sticking by their side the whole way through.

“Support is after been phenomenal all season. And again in the drawn game. The encouragement that they gave the players from the stands behind me to hill 16 was just phenomenal.”

“And it means so much to me and makes me very proud to be on the sidelines.”

“They never give up. And that transfers to the players, they never give up because of the support base that we have.”

I know it’s gonna be phenomenal weekend for Dublin GAA. The ladies are in the Senior Final on Sunday. I’ll be there myself. And again on Saturday obviously we have the men so it’s something we should embrace.”

“There’s gonna be lots of kids there as well. And hopefully motivating the next generation of Dublin footballers but just it’s great. Great to look forward to it and I just can’t wait to see those those blue jerseys in the crowd supporting the boys.”