DUBSTV caught up with Jim Gavin to look back on an amazing Inter County Career

Dublin is getting used to the idea of Dessie Farrell taking over the reigns of the Senior Football panel. But fans are still looking back on an amazing seven years of success.

And this week Jim Gavin spoke to DUBSTV to look back on an amazing time in charge of Dublin teams.

“I’ve had a phenomenal time with the guys . It’s been a great journey, great fun, great memories. And privileged, above all to be Gaelic Athletic Association. It’s the biggest sporting organisation on the island of Ireland. It’s renowned globally for it’s amateur ethos and I’m just so privileged to be able to volunteer my time on behalf of Dublin GAA”.

“We’ve had some great years, a particularly memorable year this year with the guys closing the deal in the second game against Kerry and that was just great. Great to be part of that and thankful for all the support the players have given me during my time. And indeed I’ve had a phenomenal backroom team, be it with the 21’s or seniors. The work that they did in the shadows and the support that they gave me. In particular how they facilitated the players really to be their best was really special to witness”.

Gavin grateful to amazing backroom team

There’s no doubt that the former manager always credits Dublin’s success to the collective. And again he’s quick to thank his main coaches for their hard work.

“We had collaborative decision making in everything that we did, and I’m grateful to Shane O’Hanlon and Paul Clarke, and in particular to Jason Sherlock and Declan D’arcy who were just phenomenal men, phenomenal coaches and taught me a lot. And I’ll always be grateful for that and we’ve got great friendships amongst the whole backroom and management team.”

Sad but very grateful to fantastic fans

“I go away with some sadness that I won’t have days, being on the sideline and hearing our great support. Anytime I meet anyone there’s a great gratitude amongst the supporters for what the players do, but it really works both ways. I know to the players it means a lot to them for the support that we get from our fantastic fans. It meant a lot to me as well”.

Whether we were away traveling, or whether we were in Parnell Park or in Croke Park, our sixteenth player does come from the stands, and it means a lot. Just the genuineness of it, that there’s a great passion there. And it was always a privilege for me to bring a team onto a pitch  representing Dublin GAA”.

Looking forward to seeing the ship on the high seas under Dessie

“I think we’re content that ship is in reasonable condition. i know it’s up on the dry dock, and Dessie’s no doubt given it a new lick of paint and probably refreshing the crew as well. And that’s part of that process”.

“But yeah, I look forward to seeing it go onto the high seas again next year, and i’ll be up there standing shoulder to shoulder with our great support and cheering the boys on”.