Picture the scene….

One that will be remembered for a very very long time. The score sits at Dublin 0-15 Donegal 1-09. We’re into the sixth minute of time the referee has added at the end of a truly though battle. A score could swing this game. Possession is literally a commodity.

Just across the halfway line, Dublin wingback John Small makes a small neat hand pass to Paul Mannion, who had entered the fray in place of Paddy Andrews just shy of ten minutes earlier. Confidence already affirmed with a sweet point on arrival.

As Small continued his run ahead, glancing over his shoulder expecting the ball to be delivered back to him, Mannion makes a quick decision. From the left of the field, the sub makes an arching solo run to the centre, targeting the open space Donegal had left. And as he out runs three of their defence, it’s just him and McGinley coming out of goal to hopefully spread himself big enough to block up the space.

But as the Donegal keeper leads with his right foot, Mannion picks the small space underneath his body and slots it calmly and convincingly into the Donegal net, securing Dublin’s victory and pathway to this year’s All Ireland Semi Final against Kerry at the end of the month.

A spectacular individual play, blowing a massive hole in the Donegal defence.

Enjoy one of this week’s GAA Great Plays.

(video: Official GAA via YouTube)