FLASHBACK: Dublin v Louth – Leinster Senior Championship 2012


Back when Bernard Brogan was being Bernard Brogan, Louth stood no chance

Dublin 2-22
Louth 0-12

Croke Park. June 3rd 2012

It never does any harm having a look back at past Football Championship encounters. And in a year where Dublin relinquished the All Ireland Championship they’d picked up in 2011, they were still building a panel that would stand the test of time. Since that year, 2014 was the only other time the Dubs would fail to claim Sam Maguire.

On this day in 2012 Louth learned what it felt like to have that blue wave wash over them with Dublin’s attacking dominance to the fore in one of many triumphant Leinster days out.

Louth scored first when Darren Clarke pointed a free in the opening minute, but that was as good as it got for them. Dublin exploited them and pounced on every crack in their armour. So much so Louth manager Peter Fitzpatrick later described Dublin as “a machine”.

The outcome of this Quarter Final was never in question

To be fair to Louth, they were a team never equipped for the challenge they faced. Dublin on the day could have scored five goals, but poor finishing and the goal keeping of Neil Gallagher helped their cause in a small way. But Dublin managed to covert 0-11 in both halves accompanied by two first half goals from a very in form Bernard Brogan.

Of the 0-22 Dublin registered, only three were from dead balls, highlighting their eye for the target. Louth on the other hand drew 0-08 from their 0-12 from frees and a sideline, all from the holster of Darren Clarke.

Louth’s one clear cut chance on goal only underline the magnitude of their situation with Adrian Reid running far too close to Stephen Cluxton to put any momentum on his shot, and Cluxton made the save look easy.

After that Dublin took the stranglehold and never relinquished it. A stroll’s pace ensued as Dublin didn’t need to open any afterburners to kill this game off. Louth simply weren’t at the races. The game had been won at half time following the two Brogan goals.

The only black mark against the Dubs that afternoon was the concession of 15 frees, which boss Pat Gilroy was clearly not happy about.

Dublin of course would go on the reclaim their Leinster Crown. But their reign as All Ireland Champions would end for a year after losing to Mayo in the Championship Semi Finals.

Dublin Scorers:

B Brogan 2-05 (1f)
D Connolly 0-03
K McManamon 0-03
S Cluxton 0-02 (2 ’45)
A Brogan 0-02
C Dias 0-02
B Cullen 0-02
P Flynn 0-02
D Bastick 0-01

Louth Scorers:

D Clarke 0-08 (7f, 1 sideline)
R Carroll 0-01
A Reid 0-01
R Finnegan 0-01
JP Rooney 0-01


S Cluxton
P McMahon
R O’Carroll
M Fitzsimons
J McCarthy
G Brennan
K Nolan
E Fennell
D Bastick
P Flynn
K McManamon
B Cullen
D Connolly
A Brogan
B Brogan

Dublin Substitutes:

C Dias for Cullen (HT)
E O’Gara for Flynn (50)
R McConnell for Fennell (57)
J Cooper for McMahon (57)
P Casey for Brennan (65)


N Gallagher
P Rath
D Finnegan
G Hoey
R Finnegan
J Carr
D Byrne
P Keenan
R Carroll
D Crilly
M Brennan
A Reid
D Maguire
J McEneaney
D Clarke

Louth Substitutions:

A McDonnell for McEneaney (HT)
R Greene for D Finnegan (HT)
L Shevlin for Carr (53)
JP Rooney for Brennan (53)
D Reid for Reid (71)

Video Credit: Tallowman via YouTube