Flashback: Dublin v Kerry – 2015 All Ireland Senior Football Final


Dublin Grind Down Kerry To Capture 25th All Ireland Senior Football Title


Dublin 0-12
Kerry 0-09

A stronger first half performance really turned the screw for Dublin in the 2015 All Ireland Senior Football final. Horrendous conditions made for a forgettable end to the season. But it was Dublin’s third All Ireland in five years, and as we know now the beginning of their run of four successive All Ireland titles.

Ahead by four at the break, it afforded Dublin a cushion they heavily relied on in an error filled game played in torrential rain. Jim Gavin’s side were deserved winners, and could have won by more.

Dean Rock, Brian Fenton and Paddy Andrews all failed to convert great goal chances, though Kerry were unable to punish the capital county. Kerry were as guilty of wasting their own great goal chance late on and it was a pivotal moment that the game turned on.

Substitute Kieran Donaghy fed Killian Young but the defender fumbled his catch close to goal, allowing Dublin to regroup and block the goal threat.

There were three points in it at that stage and from the next attack Dublin substitute Alan Brogan kicked a point that proved to be their insurance score.

Kerry rallied late on and Donaghy did his best under the high ball to pinch a crucial goal, but the best they could muster in the closing stages was a converted free from Bryan Sheehan.

A game dampened literally by conditions

With the weather affecting every facet of the game, the score was as low as three points each on 20 minutes. But Dublin would have their best spell for the remainder of the half. They took over with scores from Jack MCCaffrey and Philly McMahon. And Paddy Andrews got the better of Fionn Fitzgerald to blast another score over the bar.

Kevin McManamon, who had destroyed Kerry in 2011 and 2013, came on at half-time and Michael Darragh Macauley was introduced soon after.

Kerry introduced Darran O’Sullivan and Paul Galvin,  with O’Sullivan contributing two important points. But the closest they got to Dublin was two points as the favourites continued to keep their noses in front.

Paul Flynn’s two points were important for Dublin in the second half, while sub Alan Brogan closed out their scoring in the 67th minute with a point that could prove to be his last for Dublin if the 33-year-old now chooses to bow out at the top.

Dublin Scorers:

Paul Flynn 0-02
Bernard Brogan 0-02 (1f)
Dean Rock 0-02 (2f)
Paddy Andrews 0-01
Alan Brogan 0-01
Brian Fenton 0-01
Jack McCaffrey 0-01
Philly McMahon 0-01
Stephen Cluxton 0-01 (1f)

Kerry Scorers:

James O’Donoghue 0-03
Paul Geaney 0-02
Darran O’Sullivan 0-02
Jonathan Lyne 0-01
Bryan Sheehan 0-1 (1f)


1. Stephen Cluxton
2. Jonny Cooper
3. Rory O’Carroll
4. Philly McMahon
5. James McCarthy
6. Cian O’Sullivan
7. Jack McCaffrey
8. Brian Fenton
9. Denis Bastick
10. Paul Flynn
11. Diarmuid Connolly
12. Ciarán Kilkenny
13. Paddy Andrews
14. Dean Rock
15. Bernard Brogan

Dublin Substitutes:

Kevin McManamon for Dean Rock (35)
Michael Darragh Macauley for Denis Bastick (40)
Michael Fitzsimons for Jonny Cooper (49)
John Small for Jack McCaffrey (53)
Darren Daly for Cian O’Sullivan (61)
Alan Brogan for Brian Fenton (67)


1. Brendan Kealy
2. Fionn Fitzgerald
3. Aidan O’Mahony
4. Shane Enright
5. Jonathan Lyne
6. Peter Crowley
7. Killian Young
8. Anthony Maher
9. David Moran
10. Stephen O’Brien
11. Johnny Buckley
12. Donnchadh Walsh
13. Colm Cooper
14. Paul Geaney
15. James O’Donoghue

Kerry Substitutions:

Darren O’Sullivan for Stephen O’Brien (35)
Bryan Sheehan for Johnny Buckley (44)
Kieran Donaghy for Paul Geaney (50)
Paul Galvin for David Moran (57)
Paul Murphy for Aidan O’Mahony (59, Black Card)
Barry John Keane for James O’Donoghue (61)